Name: Marigold Barnum

School: Westland High School

Grade: Sophomore

Class: Advanced

Teacher: Mr. Warple

What do you think of texting, virtual reality and technological gadgets?

Our generation is more connected than any generation previous, because of all the technology we have at our fingertips. But I don't feel connected, nor do I see people connecting. All I see is a generation of people who only look at things through the lens of their camera phone, can't survive for more than three minutes without firing a text, and are so narcissistic they must tweet their every move, and have truckloads of Facebook followers.

Do they realize that right now, children are dying from malnutrition? Every four seconds, another one takes his or her last breath. One…two…three…four. Dead. It's horrific, Mr. Warple, and no one seems to care! Technology has created a frightening beast out of so many teenagers; they're seriously losing touch with real things. Nature is a distant idea, rationed out in little bits for field trips, creativity is a waste of time when there are YouTube videos to thumbs up, face to face meetings among friends are substituted for Face Time chats.

I have my moments of cynicism and attitude, but people are becoming stiflingly selfish and impatient. Someone really bad is going to happen to earth and the humans in it if we don't get our act together and look for solutions. The environment is being systematically destroyed, we are at war with each other, and we still find it acceptable to allow millions of people to exist in astonishing poverty. It's time to get away from virtual reality and save the world.

What they say—it's true. This is the eleventh hour. And it's 11:59.



-Spark Writer-