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``·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·Chapter 2 ``·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

``·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.· The plan goes on ``·.¸¸.·´´¯`··._.·

"We need your help." Grace said, she rung her hand, she was worried about something. Temprance smiled, "Thats right, we have a special mission for you all. I will be fraught with danger and evil enemies, you will need all your abilities and skills." The Twins leaned forword with evil grins, "Mission impossible time?" Their mother laughed and Isabel said, 'Not qite, but close." Madelyn smirked, "Nope, the academy." Ian's eyebrow raised, Melody paled, if thats possible, Austin and Justin laughed and high fived. Sophia was confused, "What's the academy?" Madelyn seemed almost evil, "A assasin school that we think is being used to train solders for the Bounded. Our sourse of imformation is outdated so it's hard to say for sure." She looked at Andrew, snoring slightly, it made Lilly wonder what he had been doing all night. Madelyn became enraged and a large windpushed Drew up into the air and dropped him.

"Maddy!" Isabel yelled and went over to her husband, "Drew?" He rolled over and looked at the wind Elemental, "Bitch," She scowled, "Thats what you get for sleeping through my meeting!" then stormed off the cliff, changing into her Eagle form as she went. Ice raised an eyebrow at Isabel, "Her meeting?" She shugged and helped him stand. He looked at the kids, "So for her enlightenment, I was out all last night doing some recon at the school. I could see plenty of traises from the others and even saw Coal once. It looks like he's the master mind behinde all this, so Ian and Sophia, I'm afraid you can't go." Sophia sighed and Ian scowled the shrugged it off. Temprance nodded, 'Alright everyone, you start next month. Good luck, you'll need it." She went over to the large shadow and stroked it's neck, the giant of a horse snorted and pawed the ground. "Thats my good Wolf, good boy." She rode off disapearing in the gloom, Grace was frowning, deep in thought, "That woman scares me, even more so considering she made that beast tame." Isabel shrugged and waved to everyone as her and Grace left. Andrew sighed, "I stand alone against children, this is why I never even considered teaching." He shrugged and dived off the cliff.

Austin and Justin shared looks, then tapped Sophia and Lilly on the shoulders, the girls nodded and they all went to Sanctuary. The ride there was longer then wanted, but they couldn't take the tunnels, they didn't conect. They left the horses in the medow out front of the shack, the door was locked from the inside and Austin banged on the door dramaticly, "Sanctuary! Sanctuary! We plead Sanctuary!" Sophia giggled as the locks whirled and the door opened and Austin fell in. On the other side stood a lizard looking thing, Austin smiled up at it, "Good evening Drake." The lizard sat up on it's haunches and squeaked. It was larger then a labrador retiver, it's body was like a snake with long thin legs ending in small paws. Two small horns came from it's tempels, the start of ram horns Sophia thought, it was never the same color twice, as the light shifted so did it's scales. Austin stood and brushed himself off, smirked at the others over is shoulder then strolled in.

The boys moved to one southern wall, studing the map and using the charcoal pencils to fill in any blanks. In the palest grey, they lightly trased over the map the tunnels darkening it in the places closest to the surface. Sophia started cleaning, a hobby of hers, and Lilly sat on the couch telling the boys things they forgot. It was their set up, the evening ritual, Sophia started to cry and everyone looked at her, even the dragon. "Sophie? Whats wrong?" Lilly stood and held her, the girl hugged her back and sobbed, "You all are going to leave me!" Lilly shushed her but Sophia couldn't stop, "Ya'll are going on a dangeruse quest and I'm going to be here alone, doing the same old thing as before. Ya'll might not come back!" Austin and Justin looked at the floor, they knew this, but didn't want to talk of it, Justin nudged his twin and nodded. Together they said, "Well we still have a half of a month, lets party."

The next two weeks were filled with heart stopping danger and screaming. Both of which only happened to Sophia, the twins and Lilly seemed perfectly relaxed with hiking up the tallest mountain on Quarry and falling through the pit on top down into a hidden cave with lava coming up yet another pit. They calmly found a way out in time to see steam shoot out like a tea pot, Sophia had layed gasping on the ground until she was able to walk again. Then they went to the northern coast of Isabel's tundra island and shifted to water mamals and swam to the underwater coral city. The mer-folk responded by chasing them with shark tooth spears and whale bone swords, Lilly had to turn into a sea serpent to get away with the others. After that Sophia seemed adventured out and only three days remained before the big mission.

The boys and Lilly sat in the ballroom with most of the teenagers from the villages on every island. Austin was on the piano and Justin the violin, Lilly lead the dance with Sophia and the party wore on. Some how Temperance ended up next to the boys and whispered that it was time to go in their ears, they nodded and ended the song, stood and bowed the the crowd. Lilly looked at them and they nodded, she frowned but nodded in return, hugged Sophia and went outside. The boy's mother was standing by the door, holding three bags, brown, black, and pink. She handed them out and hugged them, she almost seemed worried, scared even. She waved her hand at a tree and a large ripe was cut into the air, with one last hug the trio stepped through and into a train station filled with people.