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ஜ۩۞۩ஜChapter 5ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

ஜ۩۞۩ஜ The Dark Lord ஜ۩۞۩ஜ

"About three months ago, I was standing in the ice biome, it doesn't really have a name. The ocean in our world poisonous and has a red color to it. When we're summoned to the central desert area the water kind of shifts to a different color, depends on who's calling. This time it was black, so that meant it was HIM." Andrew looked at Temperance when he mentioned HIM."I had gotten over-confident in my ability to defend myself and my territory. You all have a similar system to us. Each area was a different habitat and each of you hold power over that area, only your's aren't controlled by force. We are constantly having to fight for our homes, and when needed, take over other's.

"I'm not proud of this, but I was chief over two areas, mine and the desert area that Coal owned. To be fair he originally had the swamp habitat, but he forced smoke out. Like I was saying, the summoning came and I ignored it. I was planing on taking the swamp, and after words challenging Him for the volcano and eventually the valley at the center of the Continent, all the grass is black and dead, so we call it Gone Valley. The valley can only be mastered by the ruler of the Bounded."

"Your getting off topic again." Temperance growled Andrew seemed surprised by this, "I just wanted to make sure everyone understood about how things worked for the Bounded." He glanced at the kids then back at the Mistress of Fire. She looked at the group and said "Dog murder dog system." All six nodded and Temperance looked back at Ice, "Continue," He nodded a sort of half bow

"So the summons flashed in the water, ignored it, instead I decided that was a good time to take a trip to the Netherlands, nice place. I stayed almost two months before I went back. When I did, HE was waiting for me. He attacked me and took both of my territories, I was force to go into Gone Valley with Smoke, Coal still had the swamp. For a while I wondered and avoided the others the best I could. Of course when the lord wants you, he finds you. He wanted to punish me a bit more later on, last night in fact.

"He attacked and I, unprepared for it, was an easy prey." With a grim smile he said, "Even the smallest wolf pup can strangle a snake. At least that's what he said as he tried to set my entire body on fire. I luckily was close to water and put out the flames before they could do any real damage. With that he basically threw me out of our world, you could also say I escaped to yours." He nodded concluding his tale.

Temperance nodded, "Thank you for sharing, this is important for us to know." She looked at the children, "Why don't you all go entertain the people in the lobby, okay." It wasn't a suggestion, all six made their way down to the ground floor and to the lobby area. At first they were unsure of what to do, then Austin spotted the old grand piano in one corner, he nudged Justin who smiled at his twin and went around to the back office. He returned with a violin and bow.

Austin started out and it took only a moment for Justin to come in. Melody easily recognized 'Rain' by Brian Crain, it was a slow and soothing song and threw out the lobby people eased in their seats enjoying the graceful notes the twins preformed perfectly. As the song drew to an end they picked up another with the same lack of difficulty this one was 'Schuberts Ave Maria' for piano and violin. After the shorter song people applauded and a girl went up to them she was in a wheel chair but asked the boys to play her favorite song.

Austin laughed and said "No problem, just give us a second." She grinned and wheeled over to her family waiting for her. After a few words to each other the twins started 'Paradise' by Coldplay It went on like that from Adele songs to the lion king sound track, they could play anything. Those who could danced, those who knew the words sung. They were all very entertained, and one by one the list of appointment got checked off. One little girl even told the boys when her next visit would be so they could come back. They told her they would try.

As the last person left to go get checked up Austin and Justin stretched their backs and arms, Lilly came up to them and ginned, "Well, I've known you two for as long as any of us can remember, I'm surprised, I knew you two could play anything, but I didn't realize you meant ANYTHING."

"I agree, that was truly impressive."

They turned to look, sense Melody and Ian left a while back it was only the four of them, the twins, Lilly, and Sophia. Andrew Ice Stream was standing in the doorway watching them with a strange look in his eyes, interest, joy, and was that fear? He was wearing a white shirt with a double-breasted brown jacket and blue scarf, his jeans looked old and well-worn, his boots made for hiking, scared and worn.

Lilly's blue eyes narrowed as she studied her sire, she didn't feel as if the word father was yet deserved. Ice stepped lightly, or as lightly as you could in such big boots, over to the children. "It seems you have both inherited your father's talent." When they stared blankly he asked, "You didn't know? I'm sure your mother still keeps his pianos in the main hall, and the ball room." Justin nodded

"I had thought so, well he use to play just about everyday, from what I understand, now he hardly looks at any instrument. It's a shame really, he was an amazing musician." He became lost in thought and Lilly broke in, "May we help you?" He looked surprised, "Your mother asked me to watch out for you today. She thought it would be good for the both of us." Lilly scowled "Why in water's name would she think that?"

"I have no idea sweet pea." Temperance strolled into the room and leaned on the piano, "This way will never work." She grabbed Andrew by the chin and pulled him close, almost touching her lips. She blew into his mouth and released him. Drew dropped to his knees and started gasping for breath