Hunter of the Wicked

Book I


Since the beginning of Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Wrath, Pride, Sloth and Greed there has been wickedness. Many did not understand what God said about judgment day. Instead of God judging all of them he chose a single man to be his right hand and gave him god like abilities but not quite a god. This man has been given this power but as payment for eternity he must hunt down and stop or kill people who are or have committed a wicked deed. This mans name has changed through out the ages but today he goes by John. Some call him the Death Angel but he is another spirit. This man can't be stopped by anyone but God him self.

John POV

Location: Chicago a popular bar called the Eclipse

Date: June 20, 1936

I am sitting at the bar along with ten others. I am wearing a black trench coat, black pants, a black shirt, black gloves, and black sunglasses. I have a haircut of 2 on the top and 1 one on the sides. I have Green eyes, and Black hair. Also I have a medium build, along with a mark that is a cross on the top of my left hand.

One of the men gets up and he is wearing a brown trench coat. When he moves his coat flops over a little and I can see a Tommy gun with a 20 round stick clip in side of his trench coat.

"You there in the black coat with the black sunglasses" The man says.

"Charlie Still Water " I say.

"What do you want" Charlie says.

"Repent for your actions have lead you to your end" I say while picking up an empty glass cup.

"What are your talking about" Charlie says.

Then I stand up and kick the seat backwards still holding the glass.

"Repent for Gods servant has come to send you to the 9th ring of hell" I say.

Then he draws his Tommy gun and opens fire. The bullets just bonce off of my skin but rip holes in my coat and shirt. Then I walk towards him and he starts to run the other way. Then the bullets he fired into my shield fell to the ground. Charlie is running for help from his friends and little does he know that he is being played like a violin so I can get his leader.

"Trent come on man we have a religious freak in the bar who is going to kill me" I hear Charlie say.

"The final two" I think.

Then I walk out the door. I see Charlie and his boss Trent holding Tommy guns training on my head then they open fire. This time the rounds impacted me and bounce off my skin. Then I hold my left hand in a blade like shape and put the pointer finger ageist my other arm then the cross on my left hand begins to glow red and I swing it horizontally and then both of them cut at the top of the hipbones. Then the upper part of their bodies slide to ground. Their intestines, stomachs, hearts, kidneys, and, livers all fall out with the upper part of their bodies. Then crosses burn into their foreheads.

"May god be unmerciful?" I say as I pull out a bottle of incense and put it in between the legs that are still standing.