Location: Ark City (On the roof of a skyscraper)

Time: an hour after interrogating Chuck Chits

I am standing on a skyscraper that is at least as big as the Sears tower. Looking over the city. Jeremiah Dread is going to be going under this building and I am going to get him here and now. This man has raped, murdered, drug making, and drug selling. Its time to eliminate him in a single decisive blow. I hope to land on his vehicle and get him. I can see his vehicle now. It is obviously his because only few can afford cars and all the others never come to this part of town. They tend to stay in their "rich sector". I Jump up on the safety rails. Then I fall forward. Soaring through the air head first. I flip around so my legs where aimed down. I hold out my right hand and open it.

"God Kill come to me" I say.

Then a katana forms in my right hand. I aim the blades tip down. Still falling feet first not even fazed by the long fall. Then the cross on my hand begins glow Columbia blue. I then slam into the car. I am still standing strait up the car flips over me. The blade is in the ground I pull the blade out of the ground like it was in butter instead of concrete. Jeremiah Dread gets out of the car he is wearing a gangster outfit with a fedora hat and he draws a 9mm from his suit. then Jeremiah starts shooting at me but when the bullets impact they just bounce off of my skin. Then Jeremiah starts to run away into a heavily populated crowd that gathered around after I impacted the ground. I walk over to where Jeremiah Dread was standing when he opened fire. There are blood droplets on the ground. I follow the blood trail into the crowd then it ended.

"Damn it seems he got help" I think.

Then I realize that when I step forward the crowd steps out of the way. Then a bang a bullet impacts the back of my head and bounces off my hair. I turn around to see a male sniper with a DSR .50 in hand on a three story building. The cross on my hand glows white and I appear behind the sniper who's eyes grow wide as soon as he sees me. Then he goes to turn his rifle around I catch the barrel with my katana's dull backside. Then I grab the man by the throat and hold him in the air.

"Where is Jeremiah Dread?" I ask forcefully.

"He is in the nearby warehouse," Says the man.

"What number and letter combination" I ask forcefully.

"Fuck you," says the man.

I then hold him higher up and hang him over the edge of the three-story building.

"What combination?" I ask even more forcefully.

"A-227" says the man.

"Goodbye murderer" I say.

Then I let go of him. He falls and hits the ground and the crowd forms a perfect circle around his corpse. Then loud siren wailing starts up and before I know it the police where on scene. I run to the other side of the building and leap to the next then I continue this until I get to the closest warehouses. I see the largest that is bigger than 10 storys has the letter number combination A-277.

"It amazes me how quickly he could get here," I think "It also amazes me the cops have not found him here.

I then hear some one behind me say, "Stop right their criminal".

"Go away" I say.

Then the man fires a round at my back but it bounces off of my back. I turn around to see the cop running like a deer with a tail between its legs. I look back at the warehouse. Then my cross glows white again. I appear in front of the warehouse. I slam my katana's blade through the steel wall and cut to the right cut down then cut the other side leaving the bottom. Then I pull out the blade then I kick in the rest. I see a cocaine refinery. I step in to see people wearing masks, and something that normal everyday people would wear under it.

"Where is Jeremiah Dread?" I yell.

"Top floor" Says one of the workers.

Then a man in a black tuxedo and he is rolling a coin acrossed his knuckles. Appears in front of me. He has short blonde hair has bright red eyes.

"Ah god has finally sent someone after Jeremiah but your journey ends here hunter" Says the man

"Sorry Devil spawn but you cannot win this match," I say.

Then the man stops rolling the coin and flips it in the air. Then it lands next to me. I look at it and a more devil like version of me appears. It is holding the same blade as me and then it goes to strike me. But I catch its hand with the blade in it. The cross on my hand glows blue again. Then I feel a surge of power go through my body then I release the power. It manifests and a blue energy wave it vaporizes the evil version of me along with demon that made him but the workers where still alive.

"Who the hell was that?" I think to my self.

I then look around for a stair well. Then I spot one and walk over to it. It was completely intact so I start my climb.

I get to the top level which is, amazingly enough, a private hospital for Jeremiah Dread. I walk around it seeing nothing but white beds with white curtains and the room paint was completely white. I open a closed curtain and I find bloodstains on the bed.

"He must have known I was coming" I think.

I walk up to the bloodstains, which where more like pools, and put one of my fingers into the blood.

"Fresh" I think, "He could not have gotten far especially if he lost this much blood".

He is either somewhere here or at a nearby hospital. I search and search then I find a blood trail. I follow it to a wall where the trail stops completely. I kick the wall and it caves in. Revealing a stair well. I go down the stair well and find my self in the city sewers. I find the blood trail again and follow it. I go through narrow corridors and wide corridors. At the end of the trail I find a manhole I climb the ladder and throw the man hole cover off then a car goes over me. I get out put the cover back on and look for the blood trail. The trail has gone cold except for the conveniently located hospital.

"He cannot escape now" I think.