I know I promised

To walk away

And I know I swore

That I wouldn't come crawling back

To you like I have many times before

But allow me please

To have a moment at ease

A day to reminince

At my own expense

Allow me

To fall for you

And experience the bruises

And scars and memories

That come with it

Oh, don't let me forget it...

Okay, I admit it

Maybe I was mistaken

About you

And me

And us, too

But that's only because

I was in love with you.

And can you blame me?

You always knew

How to make me go crazy

And even today,

You still know just

What to say

Yeah, you make me

Wish I had stayed

But I didn't

No, I walked away

And I've come to regret

That decision

Every day since

And to think

I thought I could

JUST reminice!

Tell me now,

How can I walk away

When I keep looking back?

And how can I continue on my journey

When my heart's off track?

All I know is...

I can't keep looking back

I have to move forward

And learn to move on

So maybe I do

Still love you

And maybe

I don't want to walk away

..But no matter what you say,

Baby, I can't stay.