A Day of Hunting

Summary : just a story of my wolf character hunting .

Tales padded along in a deep silence. He'd never enjoyed the cold, unforgiving,winters. He prefered the silence and isolation of his dormant volcano island. He gave a heavy sigh moving slowly head down sniffing the air. Tales didn't blend in much. He was a large red and black wolf with red and black bat wings and black goat horns. Around his neck was a metal chain weighing about 2 pounds, though he barely seemed to notice it. A chain around his front right paw barely made any nose ans he hurried along without a single word , enjoying the silence.

He froze, smelling a sick does scent fresh in the frosty air. He moved faster now, motivated by the thought of a good meal to fill his empty and hungry stomach. He slowed now,seeing his target. A rather skinny doe, but food none the less. He growled happily under his breath. He rocked back onto his hind legs tensing prepared to leap and take down his target, that's when wind decided to expose him. blowing his scent toward the doe. Tale cursed loudly and bolted after it.

The hunt was on. The doe was fast though she was sick, determined to live. But, Tales was detriment to eat tonight. He followed hard on the does hooves snapping at her legs as they ran and ran, nether willing to give up this fight, the battle of the fittest. He snarled leaping dragging the doe down ripping its throat out with 2 inch long canine fangs. His smile grew as blood soaked the ground and snow. He'd be eating tonight.


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