Hi! This is the next story on my son Harry that I found abandoned on the forest trail. Read Forest Foundling if you haven't already. Here is the daily schedule with recently found Harry. (I'm out of school for winter break. When I figure out how the schedule is home Harry on schooldays I'll post that story.)

We wake up in the morning. Levi, as always, begs to hold Harry. I leave him with Harry with my dad watching and I go make breakfast. (You know what that breakfast is! Lol)

After we eat the breakfast I make, we choose what to do. We sometimes go hiking, we sometimes drive around the neighborhood, we sometimes ride our bikes (Harry in the basket and Levi on his trike).

I usually pack lunch and we have a picnic. I bring Harry's formula and diapers. While Levi is stuffing his face with jello, jelly, sandwiches, salad, corn, chicken, etc, I change Harry's diaper and feed him his formula. Then I eat. (When I found Harry on the trail he had no diaper on. Sad that a cruel mother would abandon her child like that, don't you think?)

We go home. I fix Levi and Harry a bath. I set them in the tub. Then I get the bath toys. Levi loves his bucket. Harry will take any bath toy. Hahaha.

My dad makes dinner and we eat.

I play with Levi and Harry until bedtime. I put Levi to bed and turn out his light. Then I go downstairs and make Harry's formula and change his diaper. We join sleeping Levi in our room.

Harry wakes up in the middle of the night sometimes. Now that I realize it, taking care of Harry at night is not so hard. He usually wakes up only because he's hungry or because he needs a diaper change. But when he's not, I pace the floor for hours.

The End

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Sorry this story is short, I'm busy to take care of my sons. Thank you! :)