the loud and reckless

your best friend is the

kind of girl who

wears bell anklets

and has red-lipped smiles

with her scent of

sweet-sour lollipop-apple

clogging your system.

her laugh rings through the room,


that's what she is.

shes loud and shes reckless and

its not a bad thing.

you just she would wait for

you, so you could be

loud&reckless together.

but shes always running ahead,

always going without you,

even though its never purposeful.

its just that shes always moving forward.

if you were brave like her

you would admit youre afraid

she's going to leave you behind

in the dust.

the stale scent of

sweet-sour lollipop-apple

always there,

stains of red lipstick on your cheek that

neverever wash off, and

with the sound of bells

chiming in your ears.