I'm your rock when you're a feather,

My steady coos when you have the blues.

As comforting as your old blanket.

But what you don't see is the hurt inside of me,

When you break, I break too.

Keeping my tears bottled up, I fake a smile,

I'd to anything to make you smile.

I'd run a thousand miles to make you laugh,

Like jingling bells as you shake.

A red blush creeps to your cheeks,

For a while I get lost in your happiness I forget about my sadness.

The pain inside me when I see the scars,

That run up and down my arms.

The screams I scream when I'm at my worst,

The blades laughing at me as tears escape.

But your memory stops me from doing anything rash,

And I go through the memories of you like a secret stash.

My hearts starts to beat and a smile breaks across my face,

Wiping back my tears I put on my mask.

And if you only knew that when I'm with you,

It's never a masquerade when you come into play,

You're my life line as I feel like I want to die.

You find out my secret and hold me dear,

You break down my walls and I shed a single tear.