Your eyes star into mine and I wonder if you know,

That you're all I've ever wanted.

When you laugh I laugh,

When you smile I smile.

But when I cry you're my rock,

When I'm in pain you take it away.

While I sleep you stay awake to watch,

As my walls fall down crumbling to the ground.

Running your fingers over my scars shuddering at the thought,

Of me with the scissors doing this to myself.

A tear escapes your eye as I mumble your name in my slumber,

Pulling you down holding you tight,

As long as you're here I'll be alright,

The monsters of my past will stay at bay.

When they creep close you fight them off,

Holding me closer refusing to let me go.

As I curse your existence,

You know I don't mean it as you lock your arms around me like a vice.

My emotions driving me insane, as I will to do it again.

Falling asleep you kiss my head,

As you leave I take your hand begging you not to go.

You comply lying next to me,

Ready to fight the ghosts that haunt my nightmares.

You'll always be there for me.