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I have no idea how, but all five of us were able to fit ourselves and our stuff in Mrs Burkett's car. Cody had begged me not to mention anything about the drunken werewolf incident. I had agreed, it's not like I wanted people knowing how bad I had done in my fight with Michael.

When asked how everything went I told her it had gone smoothly. I refused to believe I lost that fight. Weapon or not, it had still been pretty embarrassing. Then there's the fact Michael had been drunk.

What's important is that I didn't lose! The fight was interrupted. Sooner or later I would battle him again, if not at school some other time. My hands clenched in anticipation. Kaitlyn seemed to be feeling better and I vaguely wondered why she had accepted Cody's generous offer.

She could have got a lift back with the other kids she had been drinking with. I had an inkling it had something to do with Aiko. When Kaitlyn was complaining that there wasn't enough room Felix suggested she sit on Aiko's lap and she blushed before sitting indignantly by the window.

Once we were all squeezed inside the wandering spectre glided through the solid glass window Felix desperately wound up once he hopped in. He groaned as the small ghost started circling his head and making strange noises. It seemed he hoped it wouldn't follow him inside the car.

"So I was thinking." I broke the silence that had occupied the vehicle for the first half hour of driving.

"That's never a good sign." Kaitlyn interrupted quietly.

I scowled before continuing.

"How about we call our new friend 'Spooky'?"

Felix stared at me appalled.

"You want to name him now? He's not a pet!"

"I think 'Spooky' is a great name for him." Cody added from the front seat. Felix started mumbling darkly and the ghost started to spin even faster above the top of his head. The rest of the trip was mostly quiet, Cody's mother turned on the radio for us.

A few times Cody would talk about the assignment and how he was confident we'd get great marks for all the study that we've done. I smiled and agreed with him. I don't think Aiko said one word the entire trip.

I wasn't actually sure about the guy. He had been the one to hand Kaitlyn, struggling and complaining, to us when she had been underage drinking with a group of other students. But he also tripped me that time. I must admit I have a problem with grudges.

The good outweighed the bad, so I decided I didn't have any problems with him. Dylan and Michael on the other hand... I had already hated the red-haired teen before I had found out he was a werewolf, but now I hated the two of them even more.

It had been plain to me that night though, the two of them were in love. They were probably secretly dating as well. We had to wind down the windows because of the smell coming from Felix. It wasn't a foul odor, just overpowering. His specialist would have given him a product so he could keep from smelling like a dead body in public. For the first week his skin started looking considerably deader, but it had stopped changing colour now.

All the chemicals working to preserve his body would have kicked in. If he had still been human I was sure that fight against the two populars would have gone a whole lot smoother. I frowned as I realized that if Felix was still human he probably wouldn't be hanging out with us at all.

We dropped off Aiko first. He gave Cody's mother directions and she dropped him off by the curb. His house looked plain, despite the white peeling paint. He waved to us and we all said goodbye. Kaitlyn grumbled a farewell and I wondered if she was still angry at him for handing her over when she was drunk.

Next Felix left the car and Spooky circled around all of us before following him out the door. A while later we reached my house and me and Kaitlyn hopped out of the car. We thanked Mrs. Burkett and I waved to the two of them as they drove off.

"Why are you smiling like that?"

"Like what?" I continued smiling to my younger sister while she huffed at me.

"Like that! What's so funny?"

"Admit it Kate, you are so busted."

She groaned. It seemed she expected I would do this. We walked to the front door and I was still smiling hugely.

"You know… Mum and Dad… don't need to know about this."

"True. They also didn't need to know about the zombie witch hunting incident either."

"Come on! Why can't you just act like a big sister for once!"

I sighed "It's okay, I won't tell them."

She stared at me suspiciously as I opened the front door.


"It's not like I was a good teenager who never went out drinking with the older kids when I was your age."

"Then why did you just say-?"

"The look of fear on your face just then was priceless." I teased and stuck my tongue out at her. I left for the stairs to get to my room.

"What are you, five?"

I stopped halfway up.

"You really should be careful about the guys you drink with. If they see you drunk they'll try to take advantage." She rolled her eyes and I climbed the rest of the stairs to my room.

That night after dinner Lora Desdemona placed her glasses by her bedside table and switched her lamp off. She snuggled into her comfortable blankets happily, proffering it greatly to the mattress she had been sleeping in the last few days at camp.

Meanwhile in the town cemetery a group of shadowy figures convened. Each of them possessed cats' eyes that glowed different colors in the black. The full moon floating eerily overhead was the only witness to their meeting.

The eyes were green, blue, purple and red. The four women were witches and the smallest one with the purple eyes spoke first.

"So this is where Angela was trying to resurrect the dead?" She was quite young, still in her teens, and she crouched down to brush away dirt that had covered a severed zombie finger.

"It does appear she was killed by a hunter." The green-eyed witch commented smoothly.

"Lora Desdemona." The red-eyed witch snarled. "It took me a while, but I was finally able to locate her. She's a student at Stonehall High."

"If she was strong enough to kill Angela, we can't be reckless." The blue-eyed witch quietly moped.

The glowing red eyes narrowed in the darkness.

"However, Angela was the most adept at Necromancy. We needed her for our plan. Now that she's out of the way, it will take us longer to reach the great revival. We'll show her. We'll show all the hunters what happens when they mess with The Coven!"

The purple-eyed young witch started clapping but the noise died down and then disappeared when she noticed the glare she was receiving from the older witch.

The green-eyed witch sighed and the red-eyed witch, who seemed to be the leader continued "Elvira," she addressed the wide purple-eyed witch. "Before we exterminate the annoying hunters we will need you to do reconnaissance."

"Yes ma'am!" She comically saluted in the darkness. "Wait… what does-?"

"Spying!" The older witch pinched the bridge of her nose.

"Yes ma'am!"

"Since you are only an apprentice witch and would serve no other usefulness to our plan-"

"That's kind of harsh, Hades."

"-you will enroll in the school and spy on Lora's sister."


"You must befriend her. You're not old enough to be in Lora's classes and I wouldn't trust having an experienced hunter like her anywhere near… you."

"You can count on me!" The green-eyed witch leaned over to the leading witch called Hades.

"I don't think she's ready. What if Elvira messes up? The plan could be ruined."

"She'll have Solomon with her." Was the smooth reply. "Plus as soon as we target the girl we don't need another hunter, her sister, getting involved."

The green-eyed witch sighed. The blue-eyed witch showed no emotion. The purple-eyed witch, Elvira, had a great big smile on her face that was even visible in the black.

The red-eyed witch, Hades, regarded her carefully. "Just don't screw up."

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