My chapter's a little bit different too. Instead of Lora we will be seeing the world through the eyes of our lovely young spy, Elvira Summers.

As it turned out recogn- recongi- spying was much more difficult than I thought it would be. Several times I had slipped up and almost blown my cover. She probably suspected me by now, but it was just too easy to be myself when I was with Kaitlyn.

In order to gain Intel on the enemy I had invited Kaitlyn to the Stonehall Mall with me that weekend. Purely for information reasons. I swear.

"I know what you mean! This place is huge! Back in my hometown I had to fly for about an hour before I could find a good clothing store. Mind you, it might have taken so long because I'm terrible at flying." Kaitlyn and I sat across from each other on a small white table drinking fruit smoothies. Her piercing blue eyes squinted at me in confusion.

"Terrible at flying? As in you fly your own plane?" I sucked a small mouthful of mango smoothie up my straw while I thought furiously.

"I mean, I get travel sickness."

"How-?" Kaitlyn stopped mid-sentence.

Stonehall Mall was really huge. It was a big white building with escalators that led up to three different levels. On each level there was a huge circular opening in the middle of the building where you could look down to the first floor.

There were also indoor water fountains as well. The building was a piece of art. Most definitely the newest part of this old town. Kaitlyn was looking through the small glass safety barrier down to the first level. "I need to go to the bathroom, be right back." She spoke distractedly and stood up quickly.

"Okie dokie." I started sipping through my straw and humming to myself while she hurried off.

"Elvira, are you insane?" Solomon's voice hissed at me from the bag I had with me slung over my chair.

"I don't know what you're talking about." I said quietly. The head of a small black cat peeped out of the bag to glare at me.

"You know exactly what I'm talking about. If you keep hinting things to that girl we will be caught out!"

"Everything's fine. Don't choke on a hairball."

"If Hades finds out you gave away our plans you know she'll kill you. She'll kill both of us." I frowned ahead of me at the Smoothie stand while children ordered.

"I know." I began darkly. "I won't let it come to that." My mood abruptly changed and became lighter. "Besides if you didn't want to come along you should have stayed behind, Sol. You've been a complete downer this whole time."

"I had to come along! The other witches appointed me to watch over you!" The cat sighed. "The two of you seemed to have become somewhat acquainted with each other, yet you still haven't asked her anything about her powers, skills or anything useful pertaining to her sister."

Lora Desdemona, I thought to myself. The one who killed Angela.

"I wonder what she's like." I murmured and started absent-mindedly stirring what was left of my drink with my straw.

"Try not to get your own personal feelings mixed up in this. I know it's been a while since you've been able to socialize with other children your age, but the mission has priority."

"I'm building up to it!" I snapped to my pushy mentor. "We're not close enough yet. If I start questioning her about all those personal things she's sure to get suspicious. All good things to those who wait, Sol." The cat grumbled darkly and disappeared back inside my bag.

"If it weren't for me you would've died a long time ago, you ditzy…"

He continued to mumble incomprehensibly and I ignored him while twirling a strand of my long pink hair in-between my fingers. I stared about me dreamily and several minutes passed before Solomon spoke again. "Your friend has been gone for a while."

"Huh? Oh, I guess she has."

"You should probably go looking for her."

"In the toilet? No thanks." I scoffed. Then something below me on the first level caught my eye.

It seemed to be Kaitlyn. I recognized her thin stature and long raven hair. She appeared to be stalking an older boy. He had brown hair and brown eyes with an innocent kind of expression. He wore a plain black T-shirt.

I stood and picked up my bag, slinging it around my shoulder. Solomon gave an alarmed cat noise and I whispered an apology.

"Where are you going?" He whispered back.

"I can see Kaitlyn. She's downstairs." I hopped along and darted through the crowds before making my way down the escalator and to the bottom floor.

"Who's this, is he a friend of yours?"

My voice was loud enough for the brunette boy to glance backward. He turned to face me confusedly when he saw I was looking at him. Kaitlyn had been crouched behind a large potted plant and her head turned gradually to glare daggers at me.

Slowly she stood up.

"Kaitlyn?" said the boy.

"Hello, Cody."

I looked at him. He was attractive in a cute kind of way.

"Is he your boyfriend?" I asked my new friend. It was Cody who spoke next, he looked at Kaitlyn.

"You weren't spying on me again, were you Kaitlyn?"

"I see my sister told you." Her teeth unclenched somewhat. "I just found it strange that you would have come here the exact same time I did, alone, even though I've never seen you here before."

"I don't come here often." The boy called Cody admitted sheepishly. "I didn't come alone though. Lora and Felix went to buy food for a movie we're all seeing together."

"Hm." She seemed grudgingly satisfied with his answer.

"Your friends must be really uninteresting if you have to keep bothering mine all the time." The three of us turned to see two new older teens walk up to stand with Cody. One of them, a boy, had pale grey hair that was spiked and dressed in a slick green jacket with black racing stripes up the sides.

His skin looked slightly waxen and a small semi-transparent specter hovered quietly by the side of his head. He wore faded jeans and black canvas sneakers. His green eyes that matched his jacket flickered to me and then focused on Kaitlyn. He must be Felix.

I only registered him for a moment before I noticed the one who had spoken. My eyes almost popped out of my head and my heart seemed to stop. Lora Desdemona had the same black hair as her sister but that was about their only resemblance.

Her eyes were steel-grey and eyed her sister from behind fashionable black glasses. Both of her ears were pierced, her chin was pierced, her tongue was pierced. She even had a large spike for a lip piercing.

Her clothes were more casual and not as fashionably matched as the boy beside her. She had a black leather bracelet with spikes sticking out of it. Her whole appearance screamed danger. It contrasted significantly to her younger sister. Kaitlyn had a much more feminine and refined beauty, her body wasn't as shapely as her sister's either.

"You look hot."

Cody looked surprised. Felix raised an eyebrow. Kaitlyn spun around to look at me with her mouth open. Even Solomon seemed to become still in my bag. Lora's eyes narrowed and she looked like she had only just noticed me.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" She and her friends now stared at me with legitimate interest. That ghost thing, which would have been enough to catch my attention were it not for the woman staring at me, started to spin erratically around Felix's head and was ignored.

I blushed. What was wrong with me? I'd never felt so embarrassed before. Not like this. I was a weirdo and didn't try to hide it. Everyone knew it. So why was I suddenly so intimidated by this cool looking older teenager? Kaitlyn spun on her heel and walked off.

"Bye." I stammered before following her. Kaitlyn was walking quickly ahead of me and I was wondering if she even wanted me to catch up with her. I felt moving around in my bag and then Solomon's paw on my shoulder as he whispered in my ear.

"Your primary objective was to gather information from the youngest Desdemona, you are also to research Kaitlyn's abilities and to determine if she is a threat."

"How am I supposed to know her abilities? Why are you telling me this now?" I whispered harshly to the black cat.

"I've been relaying all of your actions back to Hades. She knew of your plans to go to the mall together. I was ordered not to tell you from the beginning. Hades intended this to be an opportunity for you to observe Kaitlyn's skills in fighting and to make a decent report for The Coven."

"Skills in fighting? What are you talking about?"

"Diana has sent Clement and Grayson to kill Kaitlyn."

"The vampires?" Oh no.

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