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A black cat with a brown underbelly watched the commotion going on below. His amber eyes darted between the black-haired vampire fighting the purple-haired hunter and the blonde-haired vampire who was currently fighting a zombie.

The cat frowned as the blonde vampire raced away. No human, let alone a zombie could keep up with him. Clement and Grayson, the cat pondered, so what that wicked lady said was right. Then the one whom his thoughts were on appeared next to him.

Sea foam hair flowing and her eyes set firmly on the battle below.

"Hello again, Spider." The witch spoke softly, "I haven't seen you since that tree incident."

"My name isn't Spider, but that's what you may call me." The long-limbed cat replied.

Green cats' eyes flickered to the cat and then back to the fight.

"They are all going to die, you know that right?" the sea foam witch wearing white spoke firmly.

The cat sighed "Why?" The witch ignored him and spoke once again.

"That boy who saved you is going to die, so is the Kaitlyn girl." Amber eyes widened slightly before the cat stood up and started to walk off.

The witch called out once more "You can't save them, no one can!" The cat paused before turning its head toward the witch.

"You may not know this but I have friends in high places." He spoke firmly before carefully walking off, heading to another part of the roof.

The witch sighed and stood up. She knew she mustn't be caught here and she had to make her own report to Hades. Too bad I have to leave so quickly, this battle looks like fun, she thought.

I opened my eyes, and saw pink hair to my left and brown to my right.

"Ugh!" I moaned, my whole body hurt. What was happening? I thought to myself. My throat still burned and I was sure it was going to bruise. "Stop." I gasped and Cody led me and Elvira to a bench, they placed me on it. "Where is Lora?" I asked worried. Cody and Felix were with Lora before, yet I didn't see her in the food court, I hoped she was safe.

"She is off retrieving her weapon, she doesn't know you were in the fight… yet." Cody answered calmly.

I was amazed how calm he was. He was a normal civilian, this stuff wasn't normal to him. Then again, one of his friends was a werewolf. I rubbed my temples with my fingers, before turning to Elvira.

"Are you okay? Did they hurt you?" I asked in a concerned voice.

"I am fine," she replied. "I hid most of the time, so they didn't notice me. Besides you're the one they want." I nodded slightly.

I didn't like that these fuck heads were after me, and I didn't know why. I haven't had a single mission yet; word couldn't have gotten out about how powerful I was. Did they spy on me during training?

Then my sharp ears picked up a noise, the faint sound of running. Cody and Elvira noticed it too, as they turned their heads towards the noise. Suddenly the blonde vampire Grayson crash tackled Cody, slamming him to the ground.

Grayson quickly got up and turned to face me. I would be lying if I said I wasn't scared, this vampire seems impossible to beat. Swiftly I got my camera out, and took a snap, the flash temporarily blinding him.

Cody got up and I lead them away. I knew he wouldn't be blinded for long. Looking back I saw vines erupting from the wall, moving towards the vampire and wrapping around him, holding him in place.

I had no idea what that was but at the moment I was thankful. I led them to a clothing store, but not an expensive one. An average one filled with sneakers and plain shirts etc. If I survived this I still wanted a place to shop, so I chose the tacky store.

"Good choice Kaitlyn, this place is like a maze, a perfect spot to hide." Cody said hopefully.

"The vampires will smell us and find us." Elvira commented darkly.

"It will buy us some time." I said forcefully, trying to make myself believe my own words. We made our way to the back of the store, hoping the farther away we were the better chance we had.

"One hundred and fifty dollars for a shoe? You have to be kidding me!" Elvira exclaimed.

"Well for a sneaker that's outrageous but for a wedge or high heels it's not uncommon." I boasted. Cody rolled his eyes.

"Come on guys, we have to get going." He urged. We decided to get on our hands and feet to crawl, to better go undetected. Finally we reached the end of the store, and huddled there.

"What were those vine thingies?" I questioned.

"What vine things?" Elvira asked, curious.

"Didn't you guys see the vine thingies? They came out of the walls, wrapped around the vampire?" I asked, hoping someone else had noticed. "Did you see them?"

Both Cody and Elvira shook their heads.

"Hey, you have had a stressful day; maybe you imagined it, Kaitlyn?" Cody pondered, and I scowled.

"I am not crazy!" I whispered loudly.

"Kaitlyn might be onto something, the flash from a camera wouldn't have held Grayson off for long, so maybe these vines are real?" Elvira spoke softly.

"How did you know the blonde vampire's name?" I asked immediately.

"I was there while you guys were fighting, I heard them call each other by their names." Elvira said a little cheerfully.

"Are you okay Kaitlyn?" Cody asked concerned.

"I am fine." I scowled back, what is with these people? Suddenly a crashing sound came from the front of the store, and the three of us froze. The crashing sounds came closer and closer. A wave of dread came over me and I realized I didn't want to die, not like this.

A rack of shoes to the right of us was yanked backwards crashing to the floor, and Grayson leaped over the top of it. He turned to us and had a manic grin on his face.

"I found you I found you!" he chanted excitedly, "and now you are dead."

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