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There was a sudden silence as the sliding doors opened and a young woman walked into the mall. I spotted Kaitlyn, Michael, Cody and a blonde vampire staring at me on the same floor. A black-haired vampire was overlooking the scene from the floor above.

"Lora!" Cody cried in relief from where he lay on the floor. The three of them, even Michael, looked in poor shape. These vampires must be strong, just as the cat had said. The darker-haired vampire stared at my face before his eyes flickered to the huge scythe in my hand.

"You must be Lora Desdemona," he said to me in a charmingly masculine voice. "We've heard so much about you from The Coven."

The blonde one groaned loudly and yelled to his partner above "Now there's another one. What are we supposed to do?" He never got a chance to respond, the other vampire's eyes widened in fear. The blonde one had made the mistake of turning his back on me.

In a flash I was over to him but I wasn't fast enough. The blonde vampire cried out and jumped away from my singing blade. He landed several metres away, tensed.

"Grayson!" The other vampire roared. "Didn't I tell you to be careful?!"

Grayson's expression became sulky before he sprinted at me furiously. I spun around my scythe and caught it with both hands. I ducked from his slashing broken nails and slid to the side. He spun around and continued to swipe his claws at me viciously.

My shoes squeaked against the smooth floor as I evaded each attack. I ducked and weaved away from Grayson's assault. Seems like even vampires get tired, but these ones probably just fed. I raised the end of my scythe to block his jab.

He squealed, a little too high-pitched for a guy. He clutched his wrist before snarling and attacking me once more. I stepped back and spun my scythe, knocking his arms away when he tried to reach me again.

I twisted and whacked him in the face with the end of my weapon. He staggered away, losing his balance. I ran in for the kill and swung my blade at him repeatedly. Grayson backed away and managed to barely evade my offense each swing.

"Shit! Clement! Do something!" he called urgently as he tried to create distance between us desperately. I noticed something from my peripheral and halted my advance. Glancing upwards I noticed Clement was perched on the barrier above.

Before he could jump down on top of me someone kicked him from behind and he lost his balance and fell. Seeing my opportunity I launched myself upward and aimed my scythe for his middle. Gravity was going to pull him right into the path of my weapon.

I could see him grimace before his body blurred and he extended one arm. He gripped the handle and stopped the blade in mid-air. I stared as he shifted his weight and spun over the top of me, using his grip on my weapon as purchase.

He landed in a perfect crouch before darting away to his partner's side. I rose from my own landing, separating the two murderous creatures from my wounded companions. Michael's footsteps could be heard as he moved to stand beside me.

I didn't turn as I addressed my fellow twelfth grader beside me "I was sure the next time the two of us met in a combat situation, we would be fighting each other."

Felix climbed over the barrier above before lowering himself as much as he could and then he let go. He landed on the other side of me with his hands inside his jacket pockets. He had that same broad evil grin on his face I remembered back when we were dating. Whenever we were caught in the middle of something like this.

"Nice of you to finally join the party, Lora. I thought you bailed on us."

"Where's the pink-haired girl?" Michael barked at him.

Felix remained cool and calm when he replied "She's probably found another place to hide until the fighting stops. That'd be her special ability."

I glanced back to look at Kaitlyn who was slowly helping Cody onto his feet. She was covered in cuts and bruises, not unlike the others. My head snapped forward to glare at the two vampires in front of me, who were standing a little too close to each other.

"Which one of you did that to my sister?"

Clement's wary expression didn't change but Grayson started giggling wickedly.

"We both took turns at roughing her up, but I'll be the one who finishes her off!"

"Listen to me, Gray. I think we should leave."


"We can't let them go," I mumbled darkly to the other two.

"We may be on the same side now, but just remember" Michael warned me from my left "this doesn't change anything."

"Of course it doesn't." I answered him with a smile. Our eyes remained on the enemies in front of us. "I'll still be waiting for our rematch, anytime."

The three of us charged forward and the monstrous duo scowled and took a step back. I swung my blade over my head and it sank into the floor where the two had been standing. Flying backwards Clement used his lengthened nails to deflect Michael's dagger after he hurled it.

The young hunter pulled his blade back into his grip with the chain. I pulled my scythe out of the floor and Felix raced past me. Grayson blocked his kick but he was sent flying backwards onto a moving escalator.

I leaped and landed with my feet on both handrails above the frightened vampire. As we both ascended I lifted my scythe again and brought it down from over my shoulder. Grayson squealed and rolled backwards up the moving stairs.

Clement leaped at me while my back was turned but Michael threw his weapon. The chain tied around the shorter vampire's ankle and he pulled. Clement froze in mid-air before landing painfully on the neighbouring escalator heading down.

I heard Grayson growl and jumped as he swiped at my feet. I landed on the other escalator's railing and ran downwards to the other vampire. Clement jumped off the descending staircase but was pulled short by the chain wrapped around his leg.

He landed in another crouch and cursed when he saw me in the air, flying towards him with my scythe overhead. He rolled away and then gripped the chain tied to his ankle. I'm going to blunt it if I'm not careful, I thought as I prized my weapon free from the floor yet again.

Clement pulled on the chain and Michael's weapon was yanked from his grasp. He laughed victoriously before I spotted Felix behind him. He jumped and his foot cracked into the back of the vampire's skull.

"No!" Grayson snarled before stupidly trying to run down the ascending escalator. He cursed and climbed over to the other staircase and looked up in time to see me running at him. My boot crunched into his face and he landed somewhere back up the second level.

I turned back to see Michael had regained his weapon and Felix go flying across the room. I stepped off onto the ground floor when the escalator came to its end. Felix got back on his feet and Clement eyed us all as we converged onto him at different angles.

"Grayson?" The blonde vampire appeared at the top of the escalators rubbing his nose. "We're leaving."

"WHY?!" I swung my weapon when Clement tried to pass by me.

He ducked and slid along the floor before jumping up the ascending escalator.

"You can't escape!" I ran up after them.

"Lora!" Felix called after me.

I heard Michael curse under his breath before he followed behind me. Shit! They're going to get away! I heard a loud noise of shattering glass. Skidding to a stop I looked out the large broken window as the two fled across the rooftops.

I looked up and heard Michael stop behind me. Today was overcast, it wasn't a coincidence two vampires decided to attack a mall during the day.

"This isn't over." I whispered darkly to myself.

End of fight scene. Phew! That was a long one. It will prepare us for the major plot fight scenes that are to come! I worked hard on this scene so do tell me if you found it more enjoyable than usual.