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Chapter 7

The cold air blew my light blue hair out of my eyes as I sat on the window seat looking out the window. Today was the eighteenth of Fall of the year 1998, the second day I've been here. This morning was very, very strange.

Why you must be asking? Well, I woke up to find a tray of a completely organic breakfast sitting on the nightstand (which had freshly sliced bread with blueberry jam on top, sliced crisp apples, green grapes, a glass of milk, and raspberries and cream…). I found it strange because everything was fresh. Considering that boy I met yesterday, I figured everything was dead.

Chewing on my bottom lip, I got up and paced around. The floor was a bit cold but warm enough for me to walk around. I still wore those white clothes I woke up in, since I could find anything else in the dresser (which was empty).

Now, how to get out of here…

I stopped and stared at the door for a second. Hmm… Shrugging, I walked up to the door and twisted the door knob to the left. To my mild surprise, it opened.

"I'm free to go anywhere…?" I said to no one in particular. I blinked a couple times before slipping out the door. I immediately noticed the drastic change in temperature. The hall was dark and cold with small candles lighting the way. The paint was peeling off the wall and showed damp, molded wood. Old picture frames were hanging loosely off the wall. The floor was stone tiled and its cold was starting to creep into the sole of my feet.

"Why the sudden change of scenery?" I asked myself again. Leaving the door slightly ajar, I walked down the hall. As I walked, I couldn't shake the feeling that I've been here before. But that's impossible. I've never been here or even knew there was such a place like this still standing.

After a little while, I noticed that my feet were subconsciously taking me to an unknown destination. After one more turn, I stopped in front of a door. It had a couple dents, scratches, missing pieces of wood, but still an ivory door yellowed with age. I blinked as a memory suddenly flashed through my head.

"Hey, let's go see the stars tonight!"

The small little voice echoed through my head. I took a step back and looked around, but there was no one around. I furrowed my brows before turning back to the door.

I reached for the door knob but stopped halfway.

Wait a minute… why is the door so… Why am I so interested in this stupid door?! Biting my bottom lip, I grabbed the handle and slowly—

"Please knock before entering."

I spun around so fast that I thought I was going to snap my neck. The same boy I meet the other day was standing at the end of the hall. His dead like eyes were staring directly into my own. I turned away to avoid his icy gaze.

"S-sorry! I was just curious about what was behind the door…" I said in a hurried voice. The boy moved forward and stopped a foot away.

"I'm not stopping you. My master is waiting for you on the other side of this door." he said bluntly. I stared at him for a long while. He stared back at me with his creepy dead eyes.

"O-okay…" I said after a whole minute. I narrowed my eyes, knocking on the door.

"Come in!" called a voice inside. I blinked before opening the door and stepping in. Inside was nothing like the hall. The walls were painted red and lined with white. The curtains were white and the floor was wooden planks. Sitting at the window, was a boy around nineteen wearing all black clothing. He turned to me with a small smile.

"Hello! How are you feeling?" he asked. I stared at him, dumbfounded. He got up and gestured for me to come in. I hesitated for a second, and stepped deeper into his room, the dead person following me. He reached out his hand and I stared at it. After a second or two, he sighed and dropped his hand before smiling again.

"Sorry for suddenly dragging you here to the Everdeen Estate." he said with a regretful smile. I blinked.

"E-everdeen Estate?!" I couldn't help but exclaim. I've heard legends of the Everdeen Family being the one of the nobles in Aurora's country five hundred years ago. But… the whole family died out around that time, and the mansion—or rather, the estate—was destroyed by a fire.

"Yes, we were once a flourishing family until the kingdom betrayed us a very long time ago." said the black haired teen. I stared at him in confusion, not really understanding what he meant by "once".

"Oh! Sorry, I forgot my manners." he said casually. Smiling he placed a hand over his chest. "My name is Yuriel Everdeen, and that child there-" he gestured to the boy behind me, "is Kieta. He was and still is faithful servant."

Sweet Mother of Maythel, please tell me, please, tell me that what I'm thinking right now is not true.

Yuriel smiled, "Well, I was supposed to die around that time."

I fell to my knees in shock. If he's really, really, really telling the truth then…! "You're… Yuriel…?! Weren't you the one who killed your-"


A sudden wave of dizziness came over me in that instant. Yuriel had his hand held out to me with a sad look in his eyes. "Please forgive me."

And before I knew it, my world went black.


In a two story house at the center of a small town called Trancey, Mr. Danton stared at General Elrem (who looked reluctant about something) from his seat behind his desk. "Could you please say that again?"

"We will be taking Mark with us." said the General, frowning. Danton closed his eyes for a moment before opening them again with a hardened look.

"As much as I hate the kid, I can't let that stupid demon child out of my watch." said Danton. Heather, who was standing at the window, smiled an I-wouldn't-be-so-sure smile.

"A stipid demon child, Mr. Cades?" she asked, "Although I should agree so, I do not think he could be a 'stupid demon child' in my book. In fact, if you were to compare him to that white haired brat outside then you would have to take those sorry words back. Skye has already won that title five years ago."

Mr. Danton's face flushed in anger. "Are you trying to make fun of me, woman?!"

A split second later, the tip of Heather's 342 pound sword was held against his neck. He stared at the woman in utter shook when he realized she was only holding it with one hand. The General promptly took several steps back and kept a straight face. Mr. Danton began to sweat bullets when he saw Heather's terribly dark smile.

"Let's make a deal. I'll stay here and lend a helping hand while General Richard will take Mark back with him. Sound good? An innocent soul in place of a demon's." Heather offered dangerously. She stared directly into Mr. Danton's eyes. He tried to look away but he couldn't. This woman was captivating in the most scariest way possible.

Two seconds later, he gave in. "Okay, okay! You win! You win…"

He breathed a sigh of relief when Heather lowered her sword completely. She smiled innocently at him (as if she never did anything to him). "Then it's settled. Thank you, Mr. Cades, for giving us Mark."

The mayor cleared his throat and fixed his neck tie as he pretended nothing happened. "It's nothing." He turned to the silent general at the corner of the room. "Well, if you would excuse me, I have some matters to attend to."

General Richard nodded. "Of course. We'll be leaving later this afternoon."

Without another word, both Heather and her general left the office. As they walked, Richard casually looked at her. "I'm guessing that you're the demon soul?"

Heather gave him a quick glance and laughed heartily. Richard frowned. He got her message.


Heather shoved her spell book into Skye's hands with a smile on her face to hide her irritation.

"You better have that when I get back to Talahan or you'll get it." she said, still smiling. Skye sighed.

"You can always stop smiling when you're upset, Heather." he said, pocketing Heather's book in his leather bag. Heather's smile only brightened (well, only widened. She's not really smiling, anyway).

"Haha, not now, Skye. Just-just not now." she said. Skye just shrugged and turned to the dark blue haired teen standing a couple feet away. He held back a laugh when he saw something he never really expected.

The said boy was trying to pry his mother off of him. "Mother! I'll be fiiiine! I'm just going to leave for a little bit and then I'll come back! I promise!" said the teen. His mother was crying really hard, holding the teen's ranch shirt.

"NO! I can't let you go! I can't lose both of my sons! You're the only one left! What am I going to do?!" yelled the mother in grief. The teen sighed, covering his ears as his mother screamed.

"YOU ABSOLUTLY CANNOT GO!" Skye flinched. 'Sweet Mother Maythel, she can scream.' he thought to himself. He cleared his throat to catch their attention. Buuut….


Skye burst out laughing. He clutched his stomach as he laughed loudly. "D-demon! Wow! That's! That's actually true!"

"Ahem!" came a deep voice behind him. Skye ceased laughing and turned around. Mr. Danton was standing behind him, arms crossed, and face twisted in anger and embarrassment.

Skye couldn't take it anymore and fell to his knees in silent laughter, clutching his aching stomach. Heather covered her mouth with her hand to hold in her own laughter.

"D-deep breathes, Skye. Deep breathes." she said, while taking deep breathes to calm herself. Skye followed her advice and soon found himself coughing from lack of air.

*cough, cough* "Sorry, Mr. Danton! You're face-!" *cough* "—is priceless!" Skye managed to say through his fit of coughing. Mr. Danton glared at Skye with the death glare he only reserved for Mark when he was ticked off.

"You. Are. Dead. SOOOO dead." growled the mayor. Skye, since he was a highly trained soldier and a lot more than that, kept laughing. Heather, since she knew Skye can easily send a person well into next year despite his appearance, slapped the back of the mayor with a smile on her face.

"I'm sorry, I think you forgot. You'll get you're $%# kicked pretty darn far if you do. Skye is NOT your average RIDER." she said as she bent over to grab Skye off the floor and dragged him toward the teen. With her right leg she kicked the teen's bag up into his arms, and grabbed the back of the teen's shirt, dragging both the teen and Skye. She looked over her shoulder with a smile. "Well, enjoy the rest of your day Mrs. Annabelle and Mr. Danton! I have to make sure Mark knows how to ride Daydream or he'll be dead in no time!"


They left Trancey by "flying" and Heather stayed back to help the town whenever she can. In just a couple days, they arrived at the Talahanian RIDER Academy. The person awaiting their arrival was no other than Sorai, Skye's "twin" brother.

They both had the same facial features, hair style, height, sound of voice (but definitely not tone because Skye is the more serious type compared to his brother), and lastly, body structure. But it's very, very, easy to tell the difference between the two.

Skye has white hair while Sorai has black. Sorai's eyes are light blue with obvious hints of red while Skye's eyes are green. Skye's skin was more of a healthy color than Sorai's pale skin. Skye doesn't sound or act like an idiotic child, but Sorai does and he loves dragging Skye into many unwanted things.

Mark was really shocked since he never actually met twins before. Unless they decide to somehow switch places completely (which is highly unlikely because of how much time that takes and that's their back up plan when things go wrong), they were easy to separate.

"Wow." said a black haired Skye look alike. He put his hands on his hips and stared at the blue haired teenager his "twin" brother brought home. "This is Mark? He's a little more than I expected."

Mark frowned. "Why, is there something wrong with me being here?" he asked. The black haired teen just smiled and shook his head.

"Yeah! In fact, everything's going downhill!" he said, happily. Skye, who stood next to Mark, face palmed.


Skye patted Mark's shoulder. "Don't worry, Mark. There's nothing wrong with you being here."

"Please tell me why I wanted to do this…again."

Skye gave Mark a funny look. "Um…because you wanted to find your brother…?"

Mark sighed. "Oh, yeah…"

Both of them sighed at the same time when they remembered the reason Mark came. Sorai looked back and forth between them with a slight frown.

"Hmm? Is there something I'm missing?" he asked. Skye shook his head.

"No, no." he said, giving his brother a small smile. "You're not missing a single thing."

Sorai grabbed Skye's hands in his own. "Great! You and I have to do something before you get dragged off by father to do bloody work again!"

Skye open his mouth to reply, but ended up yelling in surprise as Sorai suddenly dragged him down the hall. Mark stood there, dumbfounded at the scene.

"Bloody? H-h-hey… don't leave me here!" he said running after them. Sorai dragged Skye with him as he somewhat lead Mark down the huge open halls and up a bunch of stairs of the Academy. A couple students wearing white uniforms either gave a weird look at Mark or laughed openly at the twins. But they were quickly silenced by a glare from Skye.

They stopped in front of a room numbered 582. Sorai let go of Skye and pulled out a key card in his pocket. Mark watched in fascination as Sorai stuffed the card into a slot in the door and pull it right back out when a flashing red light turned green. 'People here had technology like this?!' Mark thought to himself, 'We only have streetlights in town and a train station that's five miles away!'

Sorai snorted as if he heard Mark's thoughts. "Well, of course you guys wouldn't have high technology! You're from Alowiss. The only country that refuses to move on! By the time they accept to move on, we've probably built floating cities, you'll be in like—the middle ages or something!"

Skye had to hold in a laugh as Sorai went on a small rant about time and technology. Mark's face had a mixture of surprise, confusion and awe. Sorai shook his head and opened the door.

"Hey, Justin Case!" called Skye. Mark peeked into the room over Skye's head (he was taller than him by three inches). He saw a boy in his late teens with dirty blonde hair sitting behind the desk at the farthest left corner of the room. The teen turned around and gave Skye a heated glare from his hazel eyes.

"What h*ll are you doing here?" he asked, getting up from his seat and crossed his arms with an annoyed look. "I thought you were stuck with your brother."

"Haha, yeah, I am. I'm just here to give you your new roommate." said Skye backing out the door with a smile on his face. Mark looked taken aback.

"W-wah?! Hey but you guys never said-" But sadly, Mark never had the chance to finish what he was saying as both the twins pushed him into the room. He stumbled into the room and ran into Justin, who shoved him off and Mark fell back on the floor with a small shout of surprise.

"Well, be nice to each other!" said the twins at the same time in the same childish tone.

"H-hey wait! You guys can't-" started Justin, but Sorai cut him off.

"Didn't you get the notice this morning? I was sure to leave it in your line of sight." said Sorai, taking Skye's wrist. Justin gave him a confused look as Skye tried to pull him arm away from his brother.

"You did?"

"Yup! Bye now!" Sorai grabbed the door handle and slammed it shut. On the back of the door was a sheet of paper. Mark read the paper out loud,


There will be someone staying here because this person is a very late transfer that has no place to stay and you were the only one open. So be nice!


"IS THIS WHAT YOU CALL IN MY 'LINE OF SIGHT'?!" yelled Justin. Mark inwardly groaned. This is gonna be h*ll.

Later that evening…

"Sorai, that was rude." said Skye, tiredly, sitting at the windowsill. Sorai, who was sitting at the edge of their bed in the middle of their room, tilted his head.

"Hmm? What was?" asked Sorai, swinging his feet back and forth, lightly hitting the bed. Skye let his head fall back to hit the wall behind him. 'Oh, my Goddesses…' he thought to himself. He took a deep breath to relax a bit.

"Does dumping Mark on Justin ring a bell?" Skye asked, exasperatedly. Sorai stared at his brother for a second before slowly smiling.

"Maaaybe? Maybe not." he said shrugging. He slid off the bed and stretched. "There was nothing else I could do. You let me know on a very short notice that I trouble convincing the Headmaster to allow that blue haired kid in his school. You know how much stress that is right?"

Sorai sat next to his brother and stared out the window. "But, I'm surprised."

"Eh? How so?" asked Skye, giving his brother a curios look. His brother didn't respond for a second.

"You didn't notice?" asked Sorai, taking Skye's arm and pulling him forward. Skye did nothing to stop him as Sorai's hand brushed away his hair, showing the silver marking. It shined in the moonlight, clearly showing its presence. Sorai frowned as he felt a small amount of energy leave him. "He told you that he was seventeen, correct? He lied. Mark is only eleven years, one month and six days old."

Skye drowsily pushed himself away from his brother. Struggling to stay upright on his own he said, "You can't possibly mean that he was th-"

Sorai quickly placed a finger on Skye's lip to stop him. He looked toward the door is quiet suspicion.

"Shayden's foreseeing is all coming true." he whispered, "Dolls never live longer than ten years. He's not a person, Skye. He's a thing. What's worse? I think Mark already knows."

He looked at Skye only to find him already sleeping against the window. He sighed. "I just hope you caught what I said…"

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