The snowflakes fell from the midnight blue sky, scattering among my shoulder length, dirty-blond waves and clothes. My violet purple jacket, black skirt, white leggings and black snow boots made me feel like I was dressed for a journey through a winter wonderland instead of a book signing in the small town of Clearings, Montana. The Clearings Town Hotel prided itself as an actual winter wonderland, for the decorations of snowflakes, pine trees and starry skies made you feel like Santa Claus or a snow fairy was going to pop out of nowhere.

I spent my second-to-last night exploring the outside grounds. My body felt relaxed, knowing that no one was spying on me or chasing me for an autograph. I loved the silence of the grounds and the gentle snowfall. When I came to the marble angel fountain, I froze when I saw a man sitting on one of the four navy blue benches that sat in a circular shape around the fountain.

He looked about to be in his mid-30's, spiky brown hair that reminded me of the Tenth Doctor, his skin a cream white color. He wore a black designer like coat, black dress pants, black dress shoes and a red cravat around his neck. I slowly approached him and found that his eyes were closed and his face held relaxation. I smiled and turned to leave him in peace, but his voice stopped me.

"Don't go, Miss; I was just wondering when a living soul would wander back here," he said, his voice crisp with a rough tone in the background.

I turned and found his eyes had opened for me. Hazel blue orbs locked with my silver blue ones. He was beautiful: flawless skin, eyes that stared deep into your soul, hair like the Tenth Doctor… he also seemed really nice.

"Hello, my name is Catlyn Moora. What is your name?" I asked politely, but refused to sit next to him without him inviting me to.

"Please, sit with me." He gestured to the spot on the bench next to him.

I sat next to him, a few inches separated us. I faced him, my eyes gazed into his.

"My name is Randy Linksman," he introduced himself. He took my hand in his and brought it up to his lips, kissing my knuckles.

My cheeks warmed up and I smiled shyly. "Well, what is one of LA's most popular fashion designers doing in Clearings, Montana?" I asked.

"I am on vacation for a few days. Catlyn Moora… the newest bestselling author who also lives in LA. I have been to your café; it is a very nice place to be. You must live off your coffee if you have the stamina to run your café like you do and write your novels," he answered, smiling at his last sentence.

I nodded. "This town is the last stop on my book tour before I return home. Beau and Cassidy can't run the café without me for very long."

He chuckled. "Will you take a walk with me?" he asked, standing up and offering me his hand.

I placed my hand in his and answered, "I would love to take a walk with you."

I stood and my hand went from his hand to around his elbow, allowing his to lead me on a walk around the grounds. We walked closely to one another, to keep each other warm in the cold weather. We discussed small things that really didn't matter and each other's works. I admitted to him about owning a blouse that he had made, were as he admitted to owning the book series that I just had published. We admired each other's works and we seemed to be getting along with each other.

After an hour or so, we entered the hotel lobby and my stomach growled a little. Randy laughed and asked, "Are you hungry, Catlyn?"

"Yes… hoe about you come up to my room and I'll order room service for the two of us?" I suggested, walking with him to the elevator.

"I would love to Cat," he agreed.

I froze and turned to look at him in surprise. No one really called me Cat except for my father and I don't really have much contact with him. It sounded sweet coming from Randy, maybe a little cute now that I think about it. I smiled and said, "You're the only one who can get away with calling me that nickname."

He let out a soft laugh and we got out of the elevator, walking to my room. We stopped at room 308 and I got my keycard out, unlocking the door. We walked into the room and I grabbed the room service menu off the TV table. Randy ordered the grilled shrimp with Alfredo pasta, while I ordered the Chicken Alfredo pasta with popcorn shrimp. As we waited for room service to arrive, I took my jacket off to reveal my royal purple blouse. Randy had removed his jacket and cravat to reveal a red silk shirt under a black business jacket.

"You're wearing the blouse," he said, coming to stand in front of me.

I nodded.

"You are very beautiful Cat," He whispered to me.

"You're quite handsome yourself, Randy," I muttered, noticing that his arms had wrapped around my waist. My arms slipped around his neck by their own will and I looked into his eyes, finding a longing look glittering in them.

"Such beauty… such gorgeous eyes," he muttered, leaning his head down to mine. Our lips almost touched, but there was a knock on the door.

"Room service, Miss Moora," a male voice said from the other side of the door.

"One moment," I yelled. I quickly latched my lips to his and earned a delighted groan from him. I pulled back after a few seconds and pecked his cheek before attending to the room service person.

We ate in comfortable silence, one of his hands staying on either my arm, neck or tangled in my hair. It was a relaxing gesture and I was leaning into him, liking how he was willing to let me be so close to him. We finished our dinners forty-five minutes later, setting our plates on the table by the window. I collapsed on my bed face-down and sighed at the comfort of the bed.

"You seem really comfortable," Randy teased, sitting next to my body.

"Mhmm…" I muttered and took his hand in mine, pulling him down next to me as I moved onto my back.

We lay next to each other, our eyes locked in soul-seeing gazes. It was the first time I felt calm and peaceful in a male presence since Eric died, and this was a man being someone I admire greatly.

"Stay here with me tonight? Nothing has to happened, I…I just want to be close to you," I suggested, "I can't understand what I am feeling, but they are strong feelings for you."

He nodded and said, "You have me, Cat, I think we could make this work. I am not leaving you unless you want me to."

I snuggled into his body and he kissed my forehead before wrapping his arms around my body. My eyes felt heavy and I soon slipped into a deep, calm-filled sleep that I know we will be having again.