Oh yeah sequel. If you want this story to make sense, please read Breaking the Ice first. Thanks :D

"I'm…so…bored!" I exclaimed internally as I threw my head back in my seat, groaning.

"Come on, Abe, we got like five more minutes! We're nearly there!" Amber said cheerily, turning around in the driver's seat to flash me a smile before returning to the road.

I've always hated long car trips, but I had to admit, I was pretty excited about whole thing were doing. I'm not sure about Hana, though, as she hasn't said hardly anything the whole trip.

The car stopped, and I looked up to see that we were in the driveway of a large house near a lake. The waters shimmered off of the light of the sunset, and for the first time today, I saw Hana's pretty smile brighten up her face.

We stepped out of the car. "It's really pretty…" She said, enamored by the beauty of the lake.

Amber giggled as she slammed the trunk, setting out our suitcases. She put her hand on Hana's bandaged shoulder gently. "Once we get settled and your shoulder finishes healing, we'll be able to take a swim if you want. The water's temperature is always perfect, even in winter."

Hana's smile faded as she looked away. I ran up to her, and we were both led by Amber into the large house through the front door on the large wooden porch, baggage in hand.

She let us inside, and at the kitchen table, there was a average-height man and an elderly woman sitting quietly. They both got up and approached us, the man smiling wide and the woman was only glaring, which was slightly unnerving.

"Hey kids! I'm so glad you could join me and my wife on this little adventure. You're Abe, right?" He pointed to me. I nodded as he laughed.

"Good! You're Hana, am I right?" He said, pointing to her. She nodded shakily, trying to hide herself behind me.

Amber turned angrily to the man. "Dan, don't be so insensitive, she's the one with PTSD, remember? That's why we're here!"

The man's expression changed immediately, and his eyes widened. "Oh, wow, I'm so sorry! How rude of me, my name is Dan, and this…" He pointed to the elderly lady. "Is Amber's mother, Gloria!"

The woman didn't say anything, she just continued to stare at me sharply. She was very short, and I was easily two heads taller. She then walked up to me, her glare still retained.

She leaned up on her tiptoes, locking eyes with me. I decided to return her glare, and the match was on. "How old are you, boy?" Her voice rattled like old bones.

"Seventeen." I said, my glare not wavering.

Her eyes softened, and she began to laugh. "Well then, you definitely need to wait if marriage is the thing on your mind right now."

My eyebrow cocked and my mouth opened slightly, and heat was rising to my cheeks. "W-what?"

She turned, walking away. "Dan! Let me know when dinner's ready, I'll be on the porch." She exited the room via a door, which apparently led outside onto a back porch.

Amber sighed. "I'm sorry, my mother does and says some weird things. She's a medium, and Dan and I are psychologists, so we don't get along very well…"

I shrugged. "Whatever. She seems nice…" I laughed sarcastically. "Where are the rooms at?"

Dan pointed upwards. "The rooms are upstairs, there's one for Amber and I, one for Hana, one for you, and one for dear Gloria…" He emphasized the 'dear' part of his last statement strongly.

Amber sighed. "Give it a rest, honey. Hana dear, I'll take you to your room, okay?"

Hana only nodded, and she was instantly whisked to the stairs. I followed with my stuff in hand.

We reached the top of the carpeted staircase, and there were three rooms on each side of a long hallway.

Amber pointed to the first on the right. "That's your room, dear. Let's go."

Hana's eyes widened, and she began to shiver. "Oh no, it's just like the halls…"

Amber gave her a reassuring hug as she led her frightened form into the room.

She turned to me. "Your room is right across, so go ahead and get comfy, dinner will be ready soon." She whispered, pigtails bobbing obnoxiously.

I opened the door with a creak, and set my bag on the floor. The room was pretty nice. Queen-sized bed, a mirror, a dresser and nightstand, even a bathroom.

I turned and looked out the window, taking the in the sight of the lake. It's golden waters swelled calmly, and the air in the room smelled faintly of the ocean.

I sat on the bed, and my eyes happened to glance on a decoration above the mirror. It was two longswords, crossed over each other in a sort of coat of arms, or whatever you call it. They gleamed inconspicuously as I laid my tired body completely across the bed.

I sighed. "How are we gonna fix you, Hana…?" I said out loud, turning onto my side.

We both had left the hospital four days after I woke up, and she was fine. I would visit her a couple times a day, and we would play games, talk, or share a kiss or two. But now…she's like a living corpse. She takes forever to respond to a question, and she never smiles anymore.

"I wanna see you smile again." I thought, frustrated at my unsuccessful attempts on the trip. I had tried to make her laugh with jokes, dumb pick-up lines, and funny faces, but it all didn't work. She's just…numb…and for once, I don't know how to help...