I wish I could live like that

Unrestrained and carefree

To live life in constant motion

On whims of capricious emotion

To soar and break away

On the merry wings of glee

Or to feel that rush

As the floor drops away

And the heart wrenches free

And up into the throat

As fear takes control away

I wasn't to savor victory

And feel the urge to gloat

And fell my heart and mind

Choke me as they rise

I don't care if I'm despised

I need to feel the lift of pride

I even want to feel the fall

As a single error takes it all

And the warmth and tears

I hear it called love

The weight of years

As they drag and plod

The speed of my mind

Against the resisting stream of time

I know that I am odd

I wasn't willed emotion by those above

So maybe it's something I'll never find

But is long to fill the gaping void

Even with emotions most would avoid