There is a definitive silence
Between the lines
Where we seem to choose
To speak.

As though the very words
I used to utter
Have slowed to a crawl
A losing streak.

My eyes would stray to a point
Behind your eyes
As though searching the dark
Depths lost.

Yet it is still warm in those
Hidden roads leading out
Into the open and nothing
For a little cost.

For sure with the nothing
Fears may take their shapes
And give life to pain
That could destroy.

As though the unsaid
Might be my undoing
And ruin
Like a secret ploy.

Or better yet like mine own
Your mind is waiting
Saving the words
That is too timid.

As though if i say
The truth and good
It might set a bar
Like a feeling to limit.

The quiet is golden
And the lack of sound
Is comfort

Dubious is frightening
But trust and yet don't speak
Because I could never
Love you less.