Duo Space (The Reconciliation PART 1)


Daisuke and Shizuko had grown awfully close to one another. Daisuke was a junior approaching his final exams when a great terror struck. A terror so great, that it would change both his life and Shizuko's as well. After defeating the many foes together, word has spread to those who sought them out to carry out ill will. The two of them together were a force to be reckoned with. Asuka, secretly the leader of an enemy clan, had spoken with the leader of the Kino Tai Dynasty, Nya. The information she gathered had caused her to rethink her plan to exterminate Daisuke. She postponed her plan and waited for the perfect timing.

Thus, when all was said and done, Daisuke and Shizuko lived a happy two and a half years together in his college dorm room. They weren't bothered by anyone. That was, until one faithful day during Daisuke's junior year, right before his final exams.

It was a cold winter day. Snow was falling and the wind gusts were unforgiving. Daisuke had cut his hair short. It was spiky on top and shaven close to his head all around. It was a stylish look, but still something he'd regretted all winter long. He wore a dark green Devil Mates hooded sweatshirt, the hood over his now pretty exposed head, and a black jacket with fur on the inside. Shizuko's hair was in pig tails that warmed the sides of her face. They poked out of her warm cute panda hat. Funny, as it looked more like a polar bear being that it was covered in powdery white snow. She still had a deep infatuation with the band Devil Mates. However, she was more dressed for warmth than Daisuke was. She wore a grey dressy looking jacket with big black buttons. Her thick thighs were covered by leggings and black knee high boots.

The two of them were taking a leisure stroll by the venue at which they had first met. All the while, pushing thoughts to each other. Daisuke had his face buried in the warmth of his furry jacket and Shizuko's mouth was covered by the collar of her jacket. So, they're mouths were, in a way, blocked; making speaking rather difficult. This way they both remained warm and were still able to carry conversation.

"Hey, you know, I felt drawn towards you the day we met. Did you have any part in that?"

"Maybe. Does it make a difference?"

"A bit yeah. To believe that you were calling to me from your home in that golden ball. You're really something special." Daisuke says removing his left hand from his jacket pocket to wrap his arm around and embrace Shizuko.

"I'm so happy to be your woman babe." she says closing her eyes and smiling with extreme joy.

"I've got an idea babe." Daisuke says putting his hand back into his jacket pocket.

"What's that?"

"Let's go to our training facility and make love. What do you think?"

Shizuko stops in her tracks. A strong look of surprise is painted on her face. Daisuke feels he may have over stepped his boundaries as he steps in front of Shizuko. Her head is slouched downward. Daisuke reaches his fairly warm hand out of his jacket pocket and raises Shizuko's head by her chin. She's smiling.

"Race you there."

After the two were done making love for a good two hours, Daisuke was exhausted. Shizuko, on the other hand, still had energy and was ready to go a couple more rounds. Reluctant at first, Daisuke gave in to Shizuko's demands. He laid her on her back and began to softly kiss her neck. Her panting became vigorous and frantic. Daisuke knew she was enjoying his every move. Although Shizuko was ready for another round, she had put her panties back on, white and navy striped. Daisuke let his nose softly glide down her stomach as he approached her steaming hot spot between her legs. He grips the edge of her panties with his teeth; getting a grip of her skin as well. This was a sensitive spot for Shizuko. She lets out a soft moan and Daisuke lets go. He runs his hand along her right thigh as he prepares to remove her panties.

Boom! Boom!

There's a loud thumping noise coming from up above. Daisuke quickly stops pleasuring Shizuko and prepares for a possible battle. Daisuke reaches for the heap that was his clothing.

"Shi-shi-chan, get dressed. We have to go find out what the cause of that noise is."

"But baaaabe!" she says in a whining voice.

"After this I'll give you my fool attention. I promise."

Boom! Boom!

A bit of debris falls from the ceiling of the underground training facility, as Shizuko gets herself dressed again. Once fully clothed, the two of the Kai Dash up to the surface: An intense sped up version of running, where the user(s) focus Kai into their legs and run very quickly. From an onlooker it looks as if they are simply jumping across whatever surface they Kai Dash along. Once the two of the reach the surface, the thumping noise subsides. Also, there is no one in sight.

"I guess it was nothing." Daisuke says turning to Shizuko, smiling.

"Daisuke watch out!"

Shizuko dives to knock Daisuke out of the strike path of an attack. It was a spear formed of Kai that struck the ground like a lightning bolt from the sky. Leaving only scarred Earth and smoke in it's wake.

"Thanks babe! But look! There's still resonance from the path of the spear. We can follow it to the origin of the attack. Follow me."

Shizuko nods. The both of them take a giant leap into the air and push off of seemingly nothing. The two then fly through the air, following the path of Kai resonance from the spear attack. The path leads them into a forest. When they land, there is nothing in sight but the trees surrounding them and a big tree stump.

"Whoever attacked us, must have been standing on this tree stump when they fired off that spear."

"Hmmm, you are correct soon to be King of Managami."

"Who is that?!"

Daisuke turns around frantically searching for the one who had just spoke to him. He hears some rustling some bushes behind him. He spins around and both Shizuko and him ready their weapons. Daisuke with his golden katana, and Shizuko with her giant golden axe. A figure appears from the bushes. It's a man wearing a dark green tinted cloak, similar to that of the Kino Tai.

"It seems you are quite bright young Daisuke. You deducted where the spear came from and even where I stood to fire it."

"That cloak. You must be of the Kino Tai Dynasty. Am I right?"

"Yes you are! You are quite the student. Now answer me this. How do you expect to defeat-"

"You?! That's easy. I have the love of my life by my side. We can defeat any and everyone."

"Ha ha ha. Not me, alone that is. How do you expect to defeat my army?!"


Panthers reveal themselves from the trees surrounding Daisuke and Shizuko. In an instant, they were completely surrounded by panthers. The man in the cloak continued to laugh.

"I hope you didn't think that the only back up I had was my fellow Kino Tai members? No, we're rolling out the red carpet for you!"

The air condensed together to form a person. Looking at the body being formed, Daisuke could tell it would be a female. But the female, however, was someone nor Daisuke or Shizuko could have ever dreamed to be an enemy.


"Yes. Now that you have reached the end of your life I believe it's time for a proper introduction. I am Asuka Harra of the Ban Tai Dynasty! We are the commanders of the element water. We have come here to destroy you and "the love of your life" as you say. Ban Tai members, reveal yourselves!"

Daisuke rotated to get a good view on everything that was going on. Shizuko kept her eyes on the Kino Tai member and Asuka. From the trees, different figures revealed themselves. All of them, resembling a sea creature in some aspect. The most menacing looking one had a shark fin and the teeth of a shark; everything else was of a human.

"Asuka-chan how could you? Both Daisuke and I considered you a friend."

"I was never your friend! I was simply trying to seduce Daisuke enough to get him away from you for a surprise attack and, ultimately, his death. When you two became an item, my plan was a loss for a moment. But that's all over now. With this alliance, there is no possibly chance for you two to walk out of this forest alive."

Shizuko grits her teeth and clinches her fists. She just can't believe that she was so foolish to believe Asuka had pure intentions. She had had a bit of jealous. Asuka was a good looking female, to say the least. Never in a million years would she have thought her to be of an enemy clan, out to kill her beloved Daisuke.

"Well, why are you here?" Daisuke growled to the male Kino Tai member, "Where's Nya?! The queen of the Kino Tai!" Daisuke said now facing Asuka and her alliance member, also clinching his fist.

"Oh! Don't worry about me young boy. I know you didn't think I would miss this!"

Nya came slamming into the ground in a kneeling position, between Asuka and the cloaked man. Debris came up from the Earth as she landed. Her cloak flowing upward, then settled soon after. Nya then stood, and removed her hood. She had short spiky hair, pointing backwards with a dark green tint. Her skin was a deep cinnamon.

"Well, now that everyone is here, shall Shizuko and I begin killing you all, or do you all wanna' make the first move?" Daisuke joked in a cocky manner.

Asuka and Nya looked at each other and then faced back towards Shizuko and Daisuke. Nya cracked her neck and then her knuckles.

"First, you two will be separated."

A look of surprise painted Daisuke's and Shizuko's faces. As Nya nodded, three panthers came racing towards Daisuke. He braced himself, his katana facing the rear. Just then, Nya vanished and reappeared behind Shizuko. She wrapped her arms around Shizuko to insure she wouldn't escape.

"Why don't you sit this one out?" Nya whispered in Shizuko's ear.

Nya again vanished, this time Shizuko went with her. Daisuke was still bracing for the attack. When the panther drew near, he made his move.

"Shi-" Daisuke said looking to his left.

Shizuko was nowhere in sight. The small distraction was followed by him being tackled by the three panthers. His katana was knocked out of his grasp and landed with the blade in one of the surrounding trees. Daisuke lay on the ground with a panther gnarring at each of his arms and one standing on his chest. The panther, now standing on his chest, raised it's head to gaze at the moon. It was soaking in this seemingly perfect moment. After a couple of seconds, the panther lowered it head so Daisuke would be able to hear it speak.

"Ha ha ha. You've reached the end of the line boy. If you don't flinch I'll snap your neck, killing you instantly. If you do, flinch that is…you won't be so lucky."

The panther exposed it's razor sharp teeth, as it readied to kill Daisuke.

"I hope you didn't think it would be this easy to kill a future War Lord!"

Daisuke's eyes glowed gold and a giant barrier of energy pulsed from his being. All of the panthers were knocked away. He pulled his arms close to his chest and slammed them outward against the Earth beneath him; lifting him to his feet in the process. Daisuke then cracks his neck left then right and shrugs his shoulders.

"It's time to get serious."

He reaches his hand out to his katana, attempting to call it back to him. The katana doesn't move. Daisuke looks surprised.

"Ha ha ha!" The hooded Kino Tai member laughed. "That little trick of yours won't work with my Ban Tai allies here. You see, that thing you do, only works on Earth or Neutral battle grounds. Thanks to the Ban Tai being here, this battle ground is classified as the Water-type. There will be a lot that you can't do here."

With no weapon at his side nor the love of his life, Daisuke prepared for, what could possibly be, the fight of his life.

"Ha ha ha." Daisuke chuckled to himself, "I have a few tricks up my sleeve. For instance,"

Daisuke inhaled deeply then kneeled, setting his left fist on the ground. He bowed his head. Within seconds, golden wings sprouted from his back. As he raised his head again, he revealed a golden iris in his left eye. Both of his fist glowed in a similar color.

'It's time I put all that training to work.' he thought to himself.