Have you ever had to hide something? What was it? Something like a pimple, scar, or a rash? That was hard enough, right?

Well my brother and I have something that's a little harder to hide.

Imagine trying to hide scales. Or claws. Or better yet, wings. Do you get where I'm going with this?

Now imagine not only hiding it from your peers, but also your family and friends. Needing to keep your parents oblivious.

Not easy.

So now I think you're starting to understand. I wish my secret was as simple as a pimple. You should count yourself lucky.

And for some crazy reason, I'm about to tell you my secret. Our story. You're going to learn that not only do we have a big secret, but we also have a huge responsibility.

I just hope we made the right decision in choosing you. Don't let us down.

Well, here goes nothing. Get ready.