I lay here, helpless, and left for dead.

I strain to open my heavy eyes, forcing myself to stay awake just a little bit longer, just so I can look at the beautiful blue sky above. I can't believe how peaceful the world looks from down upon the ground, even when death was just thrown in its midst. Inhaling deeply, I move to touch the warm sticky fluid upon my fluttering chest, my heart becoming weaker and weaker with every small breath I take.

Death. I knew it was coming for me and it was right on the horizon. Deep down, I was helplessly scared and I could feel the fear welling in my chest, tears streaking my dirty face. Being scared of death was never on my mind, even when I saw the fright in my victims eyes as they faced their own deaths. Weakly, I wipe the tears from my cheeks, smearing my blood instead. The fright was heavy upon me, and all I wanted to do was take back everything I had ever done, and wish for a new start.

But that would never happen.

Looking back upon my short time alive, I know exactly why I am like this. Why someone I loved, why someone I reguarded as a teacher, why my friend would do this to me. I had become a monster and killing was my pleasure.

I chuckle at the irony of my situation and a wracking cough shook my body, pain exploding through my numbed state. Crying out in pain, my vision blurs. I can taste coppery saltiness in my mouth, can feel it slowly roll down the side of my face from the corner of my mouth, and very slowly I reached out my dry tongue, licking what I could back into my mouth before everything went dark.