December 20th 2012

Hey! Welcome to the diary of Elizabeth Windsor (no, not that one). This was meant to be a New Year's Resolution but... what the hell, there's no harm in starting twelve days early. Plus, this way I can tell you about my ultra-awesome Christmas Day Celebrations!

So... a brief introduction. Like I said, my name is Elizabeth Windsor, or Lizzie to my friends. I'm fifteen years old, and I've been itching to start a journal for as long as I remember. I guess I've been too lazy. Or too busy. Yeah, let's go with too busy.

This diary will contain all of my life from this day forward. Every little thought, every idea, every secret or feeling. No one's ever going to read this other than me... at least, not until 50 years after I die, and someone digs it up and makes it into a movie or a crappy HBO show.


Current feeling: excitement. I'm pretty excited about starting this Journal.

Right now I'm sat in my room, after a hard day at school. If I'm totally honest – which is, you know, the point of a Journal – the thing that pushed me to finally start this thing off is that I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally don't want to do my math homework. Fucking trigonometry. What job could I ever get where I'd need to know how to find the length of a side of a triangle?

Math teacher, maybe.

Hmmm... this first entry isn't going as well as I'd hoped it would. It's probably because I don't have anything interesting to talk about...

Ooooh, we got a dog today! We're calling him Rover (original, I know). He's a gorgeous little German Shepherd, only a couple of weeks old. I've been nagging my mom and dad to get one for years and years.

So... that's entry number one over and done with. Geez, it's harder than I thought to think of stuff to write about... hopefully the next entry I'll have something interesting to say. And i'll definitely keep you up to date about how Rover's doing!

Aaaaaaaand... I really need to get my homework done.

See ya!