Story of My Life…

Thousands of feet above the ground,
I'm flying away once more
Leaving my home, my family behind
To see what life has in store.

I'm not going to lie – I miss my Mom already
And cried when I said bye to my big brother
So I'm glad that at least my hero is coming with me-
And that is none other than my father.

Across the globe is where my destination lies,
Even though that's where my journey actually starts
Who knows where I'm actually meant to land
In a way, it's like a game of darts.

People always ask what I'd like to do with my life-
But in reality, it's more like what life wants to do with me
Because the path I tread is unclear-
Even the next step ahead is difficult to see.

I have faith in life though
So I can't wait to see what's in store
Even if it means leaving my family, my home behind
To fly far away once more…

© HalfPast12
24th September 2012
5:40 PM