Cold again? Not sleep like Alex – so still, never move?

"Wayk up, chiyld. Iym tayking yoo too thee orphanage." A new voice. Whose? Rose opens her eyes. Cold shivers attack her. No warmth. So cold. No feel. An arm on her extra one. Hurts! Hurts! A moan escapes from her full, pink lips slightly tinted blue by the cold.

"Itz okay now, littl gurl. Reelax."

She's confused. Who is this new person? Does he need her to wash his clothes? Does he have more of the sharp, tart liquid or more bred? Will he give her a new hat? No, no. No hats for Rose. Her dark, flowing locks matted with dirt and muck don't need a hat. Don't deserve a hat. The person taking her – the new person. He's tall, light hair. Suspenders with a cap. Baybee grown up? No, no. Baybee is small.

"Mi name iz Will." He says. Name? Rows?

"Rose." She manages through her stiff throat. Will nods. The girl surprised him. The call he got from Mrs. Malerie was that a destitute, starving, deformed child was on the streets –a spectacle for those scraping by the poorhouse. She said that the child was ugly. Horrible, even.

But she was anything but. Barely clothed in scraps, the girl looked to be his age - that was, eighteen. She had shining golden skin, dark hair and green eyes that looked bright and enchanting. The only thing that seemed to be wrong with her was a crooked appendage under her right arm and a lump on her back. Her ears were folded forwards, too. All of it could be fixed by a surgery. She'd be stunning. But the years of torture and cold could have hurt her mind.

He was beginning to think that his Father, Dr. Rewster, would be able to perform it. She needs a family, and ever since Will's Mother and baby sister had left them, their big mansion had felt hollow and empty.

He struggled with the girl – Rose. He got her into the passenger seat of his car, a Ford. It stuttered to a start and he went down the road. Rose stayed silent, long black lashes blinking as she scanned her surroundings. She clacked her tongue a few times before speaking in broken English. She started trembling after – was she afraid that if she talked, someone would hurt her?

"Where aw yow takin' me?"