Blown Away in the Wind

She walked the halls like a zombie. She showed no emotion. You couldn't tell anything from her face, what was wrong with her or why she wasn't laughing with her friends, but her eyes told countless stories. Stories that have haunted her since she was a small child, stories that have pushed her to what she is today: a nobody, no, a depressed dysfunctional nobody.

She was a breathing, functioning girl, a normal teenager when glanced at, but when you took a closer look you can tell something was off about her. She only breathed because it is an involuntary function of her body. She only ate because people might think something is wrong if she didn't. Everyone thought she was fine, which makes her know that she is doing it right, no one can read through her fake smile. No one will try to look into her eyes and ask her what is really wrong; no one will stay and prove they actually care.

She is the girl that goes home and cries herself to sleep every night. The girl who can never say what she feels aloud, so instead she pours out her heart by writing it all down. She helps everyone, but no one helps her.

No one is worried about her breaking; even those who know what's wrong don't make an effort to make it better. They think she can handle it; she won't break. Little do they know that she is already broken.

She has been broken for as long as she can remember. However, the broken pieces aren't coming together as they should with time, instead they continue to break into tinier pieces; until they become nothing but dust and blow away in the wind, leaving nothing behind. But there was nothing there to begin with…