The next day Brooke didn't see Mike at school. She was a bit worried, but she forgot all about it when she saw John. Seeing his face, even hearing his name made her angry. She can't believe she fell for such an inconsiderate jerk. Brooke walked off to homeroom, hoping to see Mike on the way.

That night was hell for Mike. It was the worst day of his life. The one person that actually mattered in his life told him to commit suicide. He spent the whole night crying, holding his blade to his wrist, but unable to go through with the cut. He threw his blade across the room, frustrated with himself, and set up a noose attached to his ceiling fan. He was ready. He even left a note on the wall, 'So I won't be burden anymore,' in red paint. He was ready to leave this world for good, to never open his eyes again. He was ready for his ultimate good-bye.

Just as he was about to tip the stool over and get it all over with, Mike realized something. He still had his whole life ahead of him. High school would be over soon. He'd meet new people, more important people than the ones who are in his life now. This was just a phase, and he would grow out of it eventually. He'd go to college, get a career, leave this house; this hell would be nothing but a distant memory. All he had to do is take it day by day and breathe, because this too shall pass.

He got back on solid ground and went to bed. He decided to fix this horrible mess tomorrow, a new day, a fresh start. At seven, the next morning, he heard a blood-curdling scream. He woke up to find his mother sobbing on the floor of his room.

"Um, mom, what happened?" asked Mike, afraid of the answer.

"This. Look around you, Mike! I am so sorry, I never knew you felt this way. Your father and I love you. We fight and yell a lot, but you should know that we love you more than anything in this world. And I am so sorry that we never let you know that. We will talk about this as a family later. We will get through this together, dear," replied his mom, wiping away the tears from her eyes.

"Um, okay," said Mike, unsure on how to reply.

She hugged him and said, 'Now go back to sleep, you don't have to go to school today, I'll call the school."

Mike stayed home and cleaned his room. His mom made his favorite foods and for once in his life, his family was happy. There wasn't any fighting or yelling, the three of them were getting along, laughing. Mike enjoyed this, he truly loved it.

His mom dropped him off to school the next day, and Mike felt like he could take on anything. He felt invincible. He talked new people, and they were friendly to him, all he had to do was open up. He saw Brooke, but avoided her. He didn't want to associate himself with her anymore, but he couldn't help but fell hurt when he saw her eating by herself at their old lunch table.

"Why is Mike avoiding me? Was it was what I said yesterday? No, but I was mad, and I always stupid things when I'm upset. But, I told him to kill himself. Maybe I should apologize. No, that will make it awkward and he looks so happy with his new friends. But, man, did I screw up.," thought Brooke to herself as she ate lunch alone.

Her day was hell without Mike by her side. She was losing her optimistic charisma. She just couldn't go on. She felt like she let go of something that was her life line. It was true. One didn't know what they have, till it's gone. And Mike is gone, never to be her best friend again. She screwed up. Stories of life are written in pen. You can't erase it, you can cross it out, you can white it out, but it will always be there. No one can change the past. It is what it is, and now she just has to accept her mistake and learn from it. Yet, she went home and wrote in her diary, with silent tears streaming down her face.

December 23

Humans are so stupid. They have to be the dumbest species that have walked the earth. We let go of something that is dear to is, without realizing it, and there is nothing we can do to get them back. We have tortured them in a little cage and then when we open the door; obviously they would fly away, never looking back again. As human beings we do not realize what is important in life, and they is why we aren't at the top of the evolutionary chain, but at the bottom.