Chapter 11

Martin and Dave were frying fish over the fire. They have just finished another hard day of training.

"I think your fighting skills with a sword are getting better, not truly amazing, but getting there. We should move onto magic and your own personal powers," said Dave.

Martin nodded his head in agreement. This is the first time Dave has said anything nice to him since they have started to train. Training has changed both of them. Dave is more serious and focused, and no longer the joker. In turn, Martin himself has become serious, and quiet. He only speaks when he needs to, but he still thinks a lot of himself. All of a sudden, Dave got up alarmed.

"Did you hear that?" he asked.

"Hear what? It's just you, me, and some animals here, bro. You alright?" replied Martin.

"No, someone is trying to penetrate through our force fields. Stay here. Don't fight unless you have to. Stay hidden," said David as he extinguished the fire, grabbed his sword and shield, and ran off, leaving Martin to fend for himself.

Martin stayed at the campsite. He moved into his tent, and read his book. He didn't want to disobey Dave's instructions again. However, if that little rabbit comes to the campsite again, he won't let him go.

"Why can't we get through? Ugh! This is so aggravating!" screamed Annabella as she struggled to take another step in the dense woods.

"Bella, stop trying. This is a force field; we won't be able to get through. Your vision might have been a trap. This might be a Volone or Ugadarian campsite. We should leave, Bella," said Joe, trying to calm Annabella down, while trying to get her to give up as well.

"No! I know it's not! Trust me, Joe," Annabella says. "Wait. Who is that?" she adds after seeing a man appearing from the back of a tree with a sword and shield in his hands.

"Be armed, Bella. We have no idea who this man is and what he is capable of," says Joe.

Annabella took out her dagger from her belt. She was prepared to fight. The unknown man approached closer and closer. He swiped his hand to trace a large rectangle and the force field seemed to disappear in that area. He stepped out and saw Annabella and froze. Annabella took this as an opportunity and attacked the man.

She pushed him against a tree, and had her dagger to his throat, when the stranger said, "Annabella?"

Annabella stepped back, but didn't let her guard down. "Who are you? How do you know my name?" she asked with a look of curiosity and suspicion in her eyes. She added to Joe, "Do you know him?"

"Never seen him in my life, Bella, kill him; I don't trust him. He could be one of Sordict's men."

Annabella raised her dagger yet again, only to be stopped by the stranger's hand.

"Anna, come on, you wouldn't kill me. It's me David Carpe. Remember?" said David.

"No, sorry. Should I?" replied Annabella. David's touch has an alarming effect on her. His warm hand on her arm sends a spark all throughout her body. She just noticed his eyes, his beautiful blue eyes and his soft messy, but not messy, light brown hair. She was aware of how her body was reacting but she did not let her guard down.

Annabella slowly lowered her hand, not entirely, just in case she had to attack in a moment's notice. "Thank you. Gosh, Anna. You haven't changed one bit since we were little," said David, relieved that Anna lowered her dagger.

Anna looked at David, perplexed, "Little? We knew each other back then?"

"Yes, but now let's get back inside. Martin, your long-lost cousin, must be worried sick." He chuckled and added, "That poor kid," while reaching out his hand for Annabella to take.

Annabella shoved forward, leaving David's hand to hold air and looked back at Joe, "Well? You coming, Joe? We can't wait forever, you know."

"Wait, Anna. Who is this guy? Your parents never told me anything about a Joe, and I have never seen him in my life," said David.

"Oh, that's Joe. He has looked after me and trained me ever since… You know… my parents…" replied Annabella.

Joe cut off Annabella and said, "Bella, don't trust a man you just met, let's go."

"Wait, are you Ricky? Ricky was supposed to look after you," said David to Annabella. He noticed Joe turn red, but didn't mention it.

"No, it always has been Joe. But Joe is good, I trust him," replied Annabella.

"Alright, I'll trust him if you say so," David said as he eyed Joe, still suspicious of him.

"What about my car?" asked Joe.

"Bring it in. We will wait," replied David.

"So, how do I know you? What are you to me?" asked Annabella as soon as Joe left, leaving a five foot distance between the both of them.

"I guess since you don't remember me and who I am to you, I will have to tell you my life story, even though you know most of it already," he said, sighing, a bit disappointed, "My mother was Christina Springs. She isn't a Jones, but your mom, Angelica, and my mom were best friends. We grew up together, having play dates, sleepovers, all the cute little kid stuff, while our mothers strategized on how to kill Sordict. They discovered Martin's existence, so my mother and I left to find him and help him. Your mother had to stay with you and your father. They had two very important jobs, one to train you and the other to protect you. I found Martin, and we have been together ever since, he is my brother."

"So what happened to your mother, Christina?"

"Where is Joe?" said David, avoiding the question.

"I am right here," said Joe, honking the horn.

"Anna, you ready to meet Martin?" asked David with a grin on his face.