A dark room
The colour of the walls is hidden,
Obstructed by our lack of vision,
In its mystery, it cannot be judged.
Who lurks in the corners of your room?
What cracks would you find in my walls?
Too long in a dark room, one can go mad
And beg for the smallest beam of sunlight
To disrupt the shadows that rule within these walls.

A beam of sunlight shines in through an unsuspecting crack
We are overjoyed, filled with hope,
Bathe our tarnished bodies in the quickly-fading light.
When hearts stop racing, and the thrill subsides,
We look around.
The light once desired reveals the ugly truth,
I see the skeletons lurking in your corner,
You see the rodents wrapped around my legs,
The light illuminates infinite clouds of dust,
We watch in disgust as we breathe it all in.

We close our eyes
And beg for oblivion.