A note from Maddie.

Sorry, I'm copying some stuff my dad said on twitter and putting it into my own words right now in this letter to you. But the rest of it I will think from my own mind.

I'm not confused between fantasy and reality. I know the difference between real life and fiction. That goes for my stories. No writer tells her audience, "This is made up." It's understood.

It's not my job to tell you guys whether it's fiction or not. It's your job to figure that out. But not to tell me I'm lying. My dad has never said my stories were ridiculous. Don't you say it either.

Do not tell me I'm abnormal or lying or crazy. Do not. I don't have a disorders either.

Now for some stuff I thought up myself, lol.

"You have an WAY too much of an overactive imagination." "I hate you!" "You're too old for this stuff." "Your stories are not well written and I know that means you have mental problems." "You're delusional." "Get help right away sweetie, go talk to a phsycologist before you go crazy." "You must hate writing stories like this, I'm so, so sorry your brain makes you do that." "You're a liar." "What you're doing is not healthy!" "You must disappoint your dad so much when you write this stuff." This is all stuff people have told me in reviews.

There is no such thing as an overactive imagination. That's like saying you breathe too much. You can't imagine too much.

You hate me? Hate is a strong word. Why do you hate me? For being a child and doing what children do?

There is no age too old to write stories, fiction or not fiction. Look at all the fiction and non fiction books in a library or bookstore. They are mostly written by adults, right? I'm younger than adults, and some people younger than me write books.

I'm a kid! You expect me to write beautifully and amazingly and well written? Seriously?

Delusional. Delusional means you don't know the difference between fantasy and reality. I know the difference between those two. I'm not lost in a fantasy world and I wish you'd stop thinking I was.

What the heck? You think I need to go to a physcoligist for doing what kids do? Write stories?

What the heck?! My brain doesn't make me write stories! I write stories, true and fiction, because I like writing stories!

I'm not lying.

Yeah, doing what kids do is not healthy. You guys are stupid.

Disappoint my dad? Nope. My dad says he is proud of me for being a writer.

Just thought you should know. And you do hurt my feelings when you say these rude things to me. I've posted true and fiction here, mostly true. Adventure Around is not, Forest adventure is not, but the rest are mostly true. And when we did find Harry, we did take him to the police, just because I didn't put it in the story doesn't mean I didn't do it...LOL!

JennySPN, what is your twitter? My dad wants to talk to you.

The End