"Earth, wind, fire and air. We may look bad; but we don't care. We ride the wind, we feel the fire. To love the earth is our desire." A light brown-skin hand reaches out grab the phone that blaring out Earth, wind, fire and air. The music kept going, "nature is a precious gift, it would make your spirits lift." The girl no older than 15 years old cut the music off and the phone fell out of her weak hand. The girl's short black hair was a tangled mess on her head. She had a bloody lip and a black eye; her arms had bruises going up her arms. Her chocolate brown eyes were dull and losing life every passing moment. The girl mange with shaking hands to pull the blankets off her. She put one foot on the black carpeted floor, then the other one. She stood up; but fell to the floor in pain. The girl begins to crawls across the room to the door. She reaches up and grabs the knob, as she gets a grip on it the door swigs open. The girl gets sent into the wall and fears spread through her as she hears the door close behind the man that walks in. The man locks the door and glares at the girl. The girl pushes her back to the wall and closes her eyes as she hears the man get closer to her.

The dark-skin man grab the girl by her chin and says "you ungrateful bitch, I take care of you out of the goodness of my heart. Then you run away to repay me."

The girl starts to sob quietly and says "please, no more I can't take it anymore. I am sorry."

The man only smirked evilly and says "don't worry it will be all over soon, it will start to feel better." The man grabs the girl up and threw her back on the bed. He ties her to the bed and forces his self upon her. Three hours later the girl lay there with the man arm wrap around her.

"I can't take this anymore; I'm going to do it. He needs to die; I can get away with murder again." The girl was able to slip out of the arms of the man without waking him. She made her way to the walk in closet and looked for the one weapon that she hid from the man. She stood up and made her way over to the man. She took the gun and point right at the man head. At this moment the man woke up and his eyes went wide in fear.

The man then says in a panic "Put the gun down, it doesn't have to end like this."

The girl closes her eyes and yells out "you rape me and beat over nothing, I just wanted to leave for a little bit." Tears ran down Mone's cheeks as she pulled the trigger. Then brains and blood squirted all over the walls and her. The girl wipes away some blood that landed on her face. The girl fell to her knees and put the gun to her head. She then says "all the pain will end here." As the girl was about to pull the trigger, time stopped. Then there was a gust of wind, a bony finger touch Mone's forehead. The gun fell out of the girl's shaking hand. Mone looked up in fear at the black robed skeleton.

The skeleton points a white bony finger at the girl and says "you for now on are a death helper." The girl felt herself be grabbed by the bony hand and fainted.

Mone P.O.V

I awoke to a mysterious head ache, I didn't hit my head on anything when I fainted. What happened anyway, all I remember is a bony hand grabbing me then darkness. I sigh quietly and I rub my temples softly, trying to ease the pain. I wonder why did it hurt so bad. I sigh again and lay back in the bed that wasn't mine, I knew I should be worried that I was in unfamiliar place; but right now I wanted sleep. So my eyes and let myself fall into blissful darkness.