Beep. Beep. Beep

I reach out my hand and grab the annoying alarm clock. I then threw it at the stone wall of my room. It broke on contact and fell to the ground in pieces. I sat up in bed and my purple tank top strap fell off my shoulder. The curve of my breast could be seen.

Knock! Knock! Knock!

I hear those shrap knocks at my door and I know who it is.

"Leave me alone, I'm trying to sleep." I yell out and lay back down.
Max voice rang out. "Get out of that damn bed and get dress! Lord death wants us on earth ASAP!"
"Make me then because I am not and I repeat I am not getting out of this bed!" I yell out once again.

"Ok I will." Max says and the door is kick(I think he kick it) off it hinges

"What the hell!" I yell at him and sit up quickly.

"You did say to make you get up so I am." Max says and grab my arm. He starts to drag me to the bathroom as I struggle in his grip. He then grab some clothes and thrust them in my arms. "Now take your shower." He says and slams the door shut in my face. I try to open it; but I guess he put his back to the door. Damn him. I groan out and start the shower up, might as well do it. I begin to undress myself as the water warm up, once it was to my liking. I step into the shower and let the warm water wash over my body. I wash my whole body and got dress in a black shirt and black rip skinny jeans. Next came my black and white converse that were beginning to tear, I have had them for about two years.

I open the door and looks over to Max. He is wearing a black suit now and black dress shoes.

"Good you are dress, now lets go." Max says as he walk out. I reluctantly follow behind. We walk to this big green swirling portal. Max walks in to the portal as I stare at it. Then his hand came out of the portal, he kept it there as I stare at it. I then took it and was pulled in by him. I look around and saw that the portal is still swirling and a light green color. I was floating so I begin to move around and play a little. I smile and giggle like a child as Max looks ahead with his arms cross. He always serious, I have't once seen him smile.

"Here we are." Max says as we land in the human world. The sun is shining bright in the bright blue sky. People walk pass us chatting om their cell phones or with friends. It felt like years to me since I been out in the world, I was lock in the house since I was ten.

I looked around again and asks "now what?"

Max replies "now we find the souls we need to collect. Here." Max hand me two gloves and I study them closely. The right that one has a skull in fire and the left has a skull with wings.

"The right you use to send the soul to hell, the left is to send souls to heaven." Max explains to me. I put them on, I might as well get this over with.

"Now follow me." Max says and begins to walk. I follow behind him. We came up to a jail house, there is a riot going on. "You see normal humans can't see us, so when we take a soul no one will be alarm." Max explains. I nod and follow him to the court yard, blood was everywhere. Souls of the men rise from their fallen bodies, they all look lost and sad.

"Ok I take care of the pure souls and you take care of the tainted souls." Max says. He groups the souls, they all had their human features; but weren't solid. I look at the men and some started to whistle and say rude comments to me. My eye twitch as I punch one of them in the face. His body begin to burn and his pain filled screams filled my ears. A twisted smirk appears on my face.

"Oh this is going to be fun." I say and begin to punch each and everyone of them. Each time I did my anger slowly slip away from my body. By the end I finally felt no anger twoards Death for turning me into a helper. I faint kinda happy, like I was meant to do this. This was my destiny.

"Good work Mone." Max says as he came up next to me. "Now let go home."

"Home?" I questioned, he only gave me a smile. Later I found out that home is a hotel room that Max and I will stay at while we are on earth.

"If you need me I will be in the next room." Max says and close the door as he left. I sigh and begin to undress myself. I put on some short shorts and a tank top. Then I lay down in the soft hotel bed. As my eyes begin to droop I hear thunder outside. I am scared of thunderstorms for some reason, it always been a fear I hated. I usually have to attach myself onto someone so I would feel safe or I wouldn't get no sleep. So when I couldn't take it anymore, I ran to Max's room. I sneak my way into his bed, I had my back to his body. I hear Max sigh and moves around to face my back.

He wrap his arms around me and says "don't worry, I got you." My heart begin to speed up; but that could have been from fear. I close my eyes and fell asleep in Max's arms. Feeling safe there for some reason after all the bullshit i gave him earlier.