Chapter 9

This is It

Why am I always so bloody reckless? I'm in the forest, and I have no idea what to do next. It's all that bloody Polly's fault, taking my one and only friend. I'd kill her if it weren't for Jay. Run the stake right through her. I paced around the forest and finally came up with an alternative. I'm visiting June. I started sprinting towards the mental asylum, when I finally found it; I burst through the front doors.

I shoved through the crowd of people, getting a few glares. Finally I spotted her, gazing wistfully at the new patient she would be treating. Another man to sleep with, that's all she's here for, to sleep around with all the male patients, and then get paid for it,

"Hey, June, can I have a minute with you?"
She looked like she just saw a ghost. She tilted her head down causing all of her hair to fall on her face. She was so beautiful; it almost made me want to cry.

"S-sure, Dawn."

She grabbed my wrist and led me to the back entrance of the asylum.

"Listen, June, I need your help. I have no place to stay. Do you think I could stay with you?"

For a few short seconds her eyes widened, she chuckled darkly.

"Alright, Dawn, but if you're going to be living with me, you have to follow the rules of living in my house."

You've got to be kidding me.

"What are the rules then?"

She gave me a coy smile.

"Well, since you're going to be staying for God knows how long, you need to make yourself useful. You will be obliging to anything I tell you to do. That means if I tell you to carry me up the stairs, you sir, are going to do just that. No questions about it either."

For some strange reason, I was expecting this. Well, might as well finish this the easy way. I'll kill her and then I'll stay at her bloody place. What's wrong with me? Why am I so twisted? I guess I now know what my dreams meant when I was sedated, that I'd be living my life killing people to get what I please.

"Alright, June sounds easy enough."

She gave me a look of want, and before I even had time to react, I was pulled in for a kiss. Her lips were soft and inviting, I almost even wanted to kiss her back, she then started putting her tongue in my mouth and I froze. She stopped and gave me a weird look.

"It's the end of my shift. Let's go to my place."

It felt like forever sitting in that car, as soon as she parked up to the driveway I sprinted up to the front door. She started to giggle.

"Someone's excited."

She gave me a grin; I started feeling guilty about killing her. All of my guilt was gone as soon as I stepped into her home. A man was in her home, June ran towards him and he pulled her in for a kiss. I got into my hunting stance and charged towards them, I had to kill both of them; I couldn't have someone knowing who I was. June's body went limp when I finished her. I decided to kill the strange man first. Since he was the one who started my anger, June's eyes were lifeless and hollow, just like her self-respect. I quickly disposed of the bodies, burying them under the floorboards. This is how I'm going to spend my life. Killing innocent lives to get what I want. Maybe if I just forget about the guilt and pain, then I can move on. I'm going to live like an animal. Feed on humans when I feel the need to, and hide from society when I feel I should. No thinking. Just doing, I walked around June's house examining the bedrooms.

This is where I will be living from now on. I wish Jay was here. I wish I never encouraged him to get with Polly. I wish I never helped him get together with her. I wish he wasn't so in love with her. I wish I had my best friend back. I wish. I thought about the drinking at the club, and the feeling of it. Feeling completely out of reality, just in my own world of nothingness, that sounded appealing. I bolted through the door and started sprinting to the nearest liquor store. I walked into a shady looking one and took as much absinthe as I could. I've never tried it before, but I know it does the trick. Completely takes you out of reality, and that's what I need. I paid the cashier and flew out.

As soon as I came back to the house I took shots of the strange liquid. Shot after shot, drink after drink, I soon felt the effects. I felt a smile that wouldn't escape my face, and everything looked beautiful, colors dancing everywhere, nothing looking like the way it should. I was mindlessly walking through the streets with the stupid smile on my face. I glanced around at the people, and when I blinked, they all looked like grotesque creatures. I saw a lady right in front of me giving me a smile, it must be my vision, because her face distorted into a cloud of white. I stumbled along a secluded area, I felt something rising up. Vomit poured out of my mouth and the last thing I remembered was that I was on the floor passed out.

"Come, Dawn. Come join our world. There is happiness, and no misfortune. You will have no worries, and you will have no cares."

I didn't know what these creatures were, but I felt a pull to join them. I'm dreaming. This is just a dream. Nothing else.

"C'mon, Dawn. We have all your heart's desires. You just have to follow us."

I didn't notice that my feet were stepping towards these mysterious creatures; one smiled revealing teeth as black as coal.

"That's it, come."