People die.
America dances.

Waves of blood,
Winds of violence,

So cursed are we,
Yet blind we be.

The biggest lies.
It doesn't matter how hard we try.

People die.
America dances.

We say it can get better
And wait desperately.
We wait.
We are incapable of anything otherwise.

What can we believe?
That above it all
We stand taller,
Taller than the highest?

Mighty we,
Oh, how we have fallen,
How we have sunk
To the deepest pit of all.

People die.
America dances.

A breath of wind,
Its path unknown,
Travels without end,
Searching for truth.

A truth that might never be known,
Oh, how wicked it be!

Not brave enough for freedom,
To free to be brave,
A hope for the world,
A world without hope.

People die.
America dances.

When will the dancing stop?