The sun was high and bright in the skies. Filtered rays shined on me where I was standing in the forest. Everywhere I looked, I saw green...and emptiness. But sometimes, I saw the faintest hint of a white dress from the corner of my eyes. I sighed and started walking, though I knew that there wasn't anywhere that I could go. I just followed the sound of her laughter. It echoed loudly in the woods. It was the most amazing thing I'd ever heard. So pure, raw and bright; something I can only compare with pure energy. Her laughter was closer now; I could feel it reverberating through my entire body. I pushed aside a low hanging branch and took in a sharp breath. There she was.

Her back was to me and she was walking slowly. She was wearing a white dress, like she always did. I wondered if that meant something. The dress was backless and trailed behind her, on the wet floor of the forest. Her golden brown hair fell all the way down to her hips in gentle waves. I reached out and grabbed her hand. She stopped but didn't turn around. I moved her hair away from her neck and kissed it. Her skin was soft like feathers and she smelled like roses.

She finally turned around and I released a breath I hadn't realized I was holding. Her red lips formed into a beautiful smile and her blue eyes shined brighter than the sun. Everything about her was so pure and innocent, I couldn't help but fall. But I knew that as soon as I woke up, she will be gone. I leaned forward and placed my lips against hers. This was the time I usually woke up but not today. She wrapped her arms around my neck and I placed my hands on her back, bringing her body closer to mine. Our lips moved against each other with so much urgency, I was afraid to pull away. But she did.

The forest titled upside down and wavered like water.

"I don't want to leave," I heard myself say, though I didn't realize that I was talking.

"I will always be here," she replied. Her blue eyes shined with sincerity.


"Hereā€¦.and here," she said, placing her hand over my heart. Then she disappeared and it was like she hadn't been there at all. My breathing sped up and I tried calling out to her but my voice wouldn't come out. I started running, trying to find her but I realized that I was just running around in circles. I sunk to my knees.

I'd lost her.

I was startled awake by the sound of a door slamming shut and I sat up straight, looking around at my surroundings. I wasn't in the forest anymore. I was back in my living room, where I had fallen asleep on the couch. The TV was still on, the game I had been playing still connected. The screen was a bloody red color indicating that I had lost. I turned it off and rubbed my hands over my face and through my hair. I could still remember her scent, like she had been in front of me literally.

I heard the clomping of boots and looked up to see one of my roommates.

"Home from work?" I asked Callie. Her real name was Calliope but she'd threatened to shoot me if I ever called her that. She always dressed like a Goth though I wasn't sure if she had a dark side.

"On break. Nate still asleep?" Callie asked. She threw her coffin shaped purse on the couch and sat down. I shrugged in my reply to her question. Our other roommat, my best friend, had weird sleeping hours. I swear he had a problem or something.

Callie picked up one of the controllers for the game.

"Let's do this thing," she said. I smirked at her and turned to the TV. She might be Goth but she was still a chick and she played like one as well. There was no way she was going to beat me but her company was a welcome distraction from her.