If you want to know the truth, you got to look hard for it. It won't appear like a rabbit does as it scuttles across the yard; or give hints like storm clouds do before it rains. You actually have to search for it, tossing through piles of lies until it's right there in front of you. But the truth will always be there amongst the lies. For a lie to exist, there has to first be the truth. Sometimes it's easier to believe a lie than accept the truth. It could be for some horrid reason, or maybe, there's no reason to not believe it. The latter is the easy lies. They're the ones you tell to strangers, because you know they won't care to question it. Those are the lies I always tell, the one I've already told.

True stories, also, can be filled with lies, or as once they were called, exaggerations of the truth. These lies heighten what the teller wants to convey, their bravery maybe, or another's weakness. The story though, that I will tell, well it would not be my story if it was filled with lies. So listen close, and maybe, you can hear the truest story you'll ever find.

December 2nd, a date, there's no lie in that, easy. That was when I woke up and looked outside to see the rain pelting against the window. I lay there for a while, watching as the rain trickled thickly down. I would pick two drops, then trace my eyes against them as they raced to the bottom. Somehow, there was entertainment in the trivial. I rose when the rain halted, the last of the drops drizzling down. Outside the clouds presented a hazy day, one better suited to keeping the windows closed to hide the dreary truth. But it could not be and so I trudged out, and it was a trudge for I said I would be honest. So out I trudged and swiped up a couple pieces of toast before I headed out to school.

My day continued, guided by bells and pointless words directed not at me, but heard by my ears. I passed the day easily like this, it was how I past most. Snippets of conversations that lasted only a moment allowed me to carry it on, deciding the future and the past for those I did not know. It was easier than making decisions for my own life.

And then, it arose for me to make a decision concerning my own life. People stood and looked at me with prying eyes, as if the decision was the only one that would ever be presented to me. And momentarily, it was. It arrived with a sudden jolt, a question mark clearly exclaimed at the dying of the voice's tone. For a moment I had to search for the truth. It lay there, just on the borders of my mind, but with easy searching, the entity was found.

In that moment I knew I could lie. I knew I could scant away from the answer and skip easily away, with the question forgotten as soon as a stranger's conversation shone into my ears. But as I will not lie to you now, I could not lie then. A simple lie would fall on more delighted ears, and it would be accepted, for that was what they hoped to hear. But I told them the truth, the truth that I knew would one day hurt me, but for now, would remain my sanctuary. And silent screams surrounded me, as reality unfolded. For many a day, I knew that massing questions would be poured on me by some, and silent stares would be given haughtily by others. But just as a lie would be accepted, so would the truth.

And so, on December 2nd, I shared honestly amongst those that had gathered, and opened the truth unto them.

Maybe my story of truths is believed easily by those that listen. Maybe it's believed because of my guarantee, or maybe, just because it's easier than finding the truth. But all that I've said, each thought, it is the truth. All except one.