Dr Andre Spielen was covered in sweat. It was well past midnight now and the streets were empty. He drove his Saab at low speeds to avoid noise, throwing back occasional glances. What mess have you got yourself into, Andre!, he thought, as he turned and reached a crossover. As he recalled the day's events, nervousness flooded him. The sound of engines blowing brought him back to his present state. From his right and front, two cars were converging on him.

I need to take the alternative route, he thought.

Turning left, he sped up and took an immediate right. Another set of turns brought him to his destination. Slowly, he pulled up into the alleyway beside his target building. He got out, taking his suitcase with him and got into the building. Time for action, he thought.

Two stories above, Robbie Kane was watching TV, oblivious to the fact that he was about to be thrust into a whole lot of mess. Suddenly, he heard footsteps outside and knocking on his door. What the...? Eho is here at this hour?, he thought. As he opened the door, he saw a man covered in sweat. A man who had once said to him, 'You will never have anything to do with my family ever again!'. Dr Spielen.

Robbie glared. 'What do you want?'

'Let me in, Robbie. I'm sorry about that day. Please.' he seemed to be troubled.

Robbie let him in. 'What do you want?', he repeated.

'Er... I'm sorry for this. They might come at any moment.'

'What? Who?'

Takin out a syringe filled with green liquid from his suitcase, Dr Spielen said, I'm really sorry abot this.'

'Wh-?' before he had time to react, the doctor struck him with the syringe. 'How dare-?' he tried to speak, pain emerging from the point where the syringe had struck. 'What have you done- uh, to me?'

'Robbie, listen. You have 72 hours to live before this reaches your heart. This is a chemical capable to cure anything when mixed with acetylene. On its own, it is a slowly killing poison. I'm sorry.'

Anger flared inside Robbie.

'Go to this address. They will have a cure.' He gave Robbie a strip of paper. 'And stay cautious of them.'

'Who's them?' asked Robbie, his vision going black.

The doctor poured another liquid into his mouth. 'This is for keeping you conscious for now.'

Robbie swallowed. Immediately, effects seemed to be taking place.

'One more thing, please take Dianne with you. You are right for her-'.

A shot pierced the night and within moments, Dr Spielen was dead at Robbie's feet. Robbie looked at him, not understanding anything that was going on.