Even though his sniper's scope was marked on the doctor, Jon Van Dun's mind was on other things. Earthly pleasures. Once his job was complete, he was sure she would oblige. He was aroused as he thought of her. He didn't notice when the doctor struck the syringe into the boy's shoulder. He didn't notice anything until a voice spoke in his earpiece.


Immediately coming to his senses, the shot was fired without a silencer placed and the doctor fell. Van Dun smiled. Packing up his things, he went to the rendezvous point. An alley betwwen two buildings. There she stood, with her shorts and white tank top, much of her cleavage visible. She was talking to someone via radio. Immediately he went to her, unbuttoning his shirt and put his arms around her. She just seemed to notice him. In one move she pushed him off her, an angry glare in her eyes.

'Freak! What were you doing?'

'Just my job, sexy!'

'You let the boy go and killed our only lead, you son of a-'

'Why? Was the boy important.'

She slapped him. 'The doctor infected him!'

'What? I should have shot that boy?'

'No, but you should have informed us of his position!'

'It's no problem, we'll just get in there and get that freak.' said a desperate Van Dun.

'Oh yeah, except that he ran away. Dunce is after him now.'

With a confused expression and a desperate mind, Van Dun set off behind her.

Rewind a few minutes...

Sudden realisation swept over Robbie. He stared at the corpse of Dr Spielen for a moment, and immediately understood the situation. Taking a rucksack, he filled a few things he thought were of importance, incuding a revolver from the doctor's suitcase. Quickly he went to his door. As he was about to open it, he heard someone coming up the stairs. Thinking about 'them', he ran to his bedroom. As he heard banging on his door, he made a split-second decision. To jump out.

Opening the shutters of his window, he climbed on to the sill. The fire escape loomed below him. No, he thought. He looked ahead. A building of the same height as his window. But it was too far away. Could it be done? He looked behind just as the door broke open. A man stepped in. He was in a black jacket and pants. He took one look at the body, taking out his gun and then at Robbie. A frightened Robbie looked back at him. Just as the man fired a shot at his legs, Robbie took the jump. For a moment he was suspende in the air and his first thought was; Bad choice!