Robbie Kane was blessing his luck by the time he reached the end of the building roof. Looking behind to check for pursuers, he took out his cellphone. Accessing the maps service, he got directions to the location the doctor had told him. To business, he thought. But first he had to go the Likayhva club.

Robbie remembered his young days. He remembered Dianne's beautiful face, her smile... and their last night together. The memories hurt him and made him wonder why he was doing this. It's the third time the doctor has tried to kill me. Let him be succesful sometime, he thought. But then he thought about Dianne. Painful memories came back. He remembered what happened afterwards. Dianne's choices. Her actions. What happened? Why did she have to do this? he thought.

Afterwards, circumstances had forced Dianne Spielen to leave her father and earn money. Unfortunately, she had gained nothing from her father. She needed money for education. She was desperate. And then she had taken up an occupation that Robbie couldn't believe she had taken. A prostitute. After he learnt this, Robbie had almost died of shock. He couldn't contact her, Spielen had made sure of that. But this is too much, he had thought. He didn't know what had happened next or why she was now a model at the Likayhva club.


What had happened was this...

As Dianne earned money from her sickly profession, she began thinking about her future. But too much of her profession had blurred her intelligence. Once, she was pleasuring a rich playboy, who was supposedly the owner of the Likayhva Club. Till then, she had not much left in her brain.

After their activities where finished, Dianne slept in his bed wearing just her underwear. Next morning, both of her hands were tied around the playboy's bare chest, her legs touching his. He had his arms behind his head. Dianne was running her hand over his chest.

'I never can have enough of you,' the owner said, 'You are too goddamn good.'

'Oh thank you baby!' she replied now pulling her legs closer, going in a sitting position. 'If you've not had enough, I'm always willing.'

'Oh no!' he said, 'That's enough! Although I might say a little's fine... after all, today's a Sunday! he sighed. 'I have something to tell you. You are looking for higher education, aren't you?'

'Yeah" she said, disappointed.'You said a little's okay..?'

Both of them smiled.

'Com'ere' he said, and grabbing her waist pulled her onto his lap. Her head rested on his shoulders now, and his hands were cradling her soft breasts. 'Don't remove whatever you're weaing we aren't playing now...' he said.

'Okay baby!' she said in a soft murmur, wondering where he was going with the education stuff.

'I have a job offer.' he said


He gave her the details. And these are the fees, he said, handing her a paper on which her supposed salary was written.

I suppose I could do this temporarily, she thought.

'You can think about it... Inform me anytime you want.' he said.

'No need' she said. A hasteful decision no doubt, but its temporary.

And it was done over with.

And unknowingly, the job stuck.

A dancer at the Likayhva club.