I hid from you again today

Mind numb, heart cold and freezing

I'll never have the strength to say,

It hurts when it's so easy

It's quiet in this shadow life

I lead beneath the floor

My wit's grown like a broken knife

Not useful anymore

But cutting still, despite its wear

And dangerous to handle:

The universe I carve with care,

A double-edged warm candle

The time I bought to write this out

Was stole from other tasks

Is what you'd say, without a doubt

"...We love you," if I asked

You love me: truth so granite-set

But - please forgive - it's hard

When all you see's my silhouette

Not each component shard

I still believe that better days

Are waiting 'round the bend

For now, hello there, Internet! *waves*

*closes eyes, hits send*

\: D