chapter 1

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hi, my nayme is crow ivory bella gina shana astelvalis alucard light lynx werewolf, but everyone calls me harumi! i has yellow hair dat is sometmes red or blue and my eyes are gold but when they change clr wen i feel angry or sad. i am not very tall but evry1 thins its s kawaii! i am part human, part vampire, part werewolf, part witch, part demon, part angel, part vampire, part fairy, part pixie and part human. i am 15 years old but i also work at a cafe and i leave alone becoz my parents dead wen i was born becoz they got eaten by chihuahuas. its so unfair becoz i dont have any siblings or relatives an they did not live me any. at skool, i always get the goodest graydes and i also perform at concerts bcoz i am an idol superstar! i also found out that i was chosen to leed the cure girls to fight agains the dark lord of darknezz who is also very hot and always flirts wif me! o/A/o the hottest boy naymed kozumi at my skool is always stalking me and hes like so hot! he's like kyo from furuba! and and dis totally hot rock star named draco is liek all over me! my friends are so kewl except for the bitch, jessica whos like so mean and cold and ugly and shes like has nof riends! i think shes jelles of me! shes like so dark and gloomy and im so popular! its not my fault that im so pupular! its also not my fault that i was infused with alien dna that makes me stronger than any being in the universe! as i walked to my skool which was caled hogwarts i saw my bff shana and she shouted at me. "hi haurmi" and i said "his shana" and she said "yor so kawaii bitch" and i said "you too" and then kazumi came to me and was like "i love you haurmi but we cant b together bcoaz im a vampire" and then i said "why did you tell me before?" and then he said "bcoz i was scared that you wouldnt love me" and then i sad "its okay im part vampire" and tehn he dragged me to his hose and we kissed for an hour and then we took off our clothes and then he put his you know wat in my you know wat and i was like "ooooh!" and he was all "yeaaah!" and suddenly draco jumped from the ceiling and said "i loved yu longer dan him, haurmi but i always hid it bcoz im a werewolf" and then is said "its okay, im part werewolf!" and then kozumi said "waht but i love you!" and draco was like "i love her more" and then the dark lord of darknezz came and killed them and said "haurmi is mine!" but they came back to life when i used my magic on them and then the dark lord of darknezz said "what but my power is powerful! how could you defeat it?" and i said "its bcoz im the reincarnashen of the powerful wizad dumblemort!" and then i defeated him and he said "nooo! i love you!" and then suddenly jessica came to me and said "i am the actual dark lord of darknezz!" and then she attacked me but i defeated her with my magic and she dyed. after dat, i went hom and my mom saw me and slap me and then ran away bcoz she was a bitch. shana then came to me and said "hi haruim! you defeated the dark lord of darknezz but you didnt know that it was all part of my plan!" she then stabbed me with her knife bcoz she was a bitch. and bcoz shana is a bitch, my nayme is now crow ivory bella gina alice astelvalis alucard light lynx werewolf and then i came back to life bcoz i was secretly immortal. now, shana is the dark lord of darknezz and i hav to kill her.

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