Lullaby Sands

As the sun sinks down and the night comes by

An angel to you will fly

She'll whisper sweet nothings in your ear

About all the things you love dear.

Dream on darling, breathe easy

the world is a wonderful place to be

As you sleep in those glistering dreams

Bathed in the light of moonbeams.

Sweet child of mine, do not cry

For you will always lie

In this glorious heart of mine

In every sentiment; in every line

Never fret never fear

For if not me, someone will always be here

As this wonderful world gives us its showering love

From the undending skies above

Sweet child of mine, don' ever shed a tear or weep

For even as your still eyes droop to sleep

You shall always be the little boy I adore

Now and in all grace, forever more.