There was a clunk and the parcel fell through the letter flap. It read:

Miss Kiya Nakomoto

81 Rosebud Street


For my sister. As I suspected. She was always getting these weird packages. Some big ones, some small. I even had one come through the mail that was about five feet tall, but I didn't question it for one second. I hadn't seen her room for years. My parent's hadn't, either. We had heard the sound of the hoover come from it several times, and the sound of cute squeals, but nothing else. But now I was going to do it. I was going to find the secret of my sister's bedroom.

I thundered up the stairs and took a left. I tentatively looked down to see if my little sister was watching, and then did the rest quickly. Flinging open the door, I threw myself onto the carpet.

"Kyosake! Get out!" My sister screamed

"I only came in to drop off your-" I tried to explain but the words choked in my throat as I looked up. My sister's room was a shrine to a videogame. Dropping the parcel on the floor, I stood up.

"Leave now." She said.

"Not until you explain this..." I hissed.

"Fine. You see, I was at Meg-chan's and her big sister showed us this game called Stargirl: I live to serve big sister and I got hooked. I have every game in the series, every spin-off manga, I have the board game, the Stargirl rubber stretch toy, I even have the five-foot model on the side!" She squealed. I looked at her, confused. My eyes then flicked over to the tv screen. There was a girl, no older than my sister, in a low-cut, tight T-shirt with bright pink writing on that read "I love big sister". I wanted to shoot myself. This was sick. Especially for a little kid like my ten-year-old baby sister. It was wrong. Snatching up one of the mangas, I began to read. The girl, once again, was dressed in uncomfortably tight clothing, but this time she appeared to be writhing around and saying "I want big sister NOW!". Intrigued, I read on. Volumes of little sister wanting and alien torture repeated itself on and on and on until I finally shut the book cover, fed up.

I was going to solve this problem.