This chapter is the first chapter from Kiya's perspective!

I began to watch an episode of Stargirl: Live To Serve and stretched my rubber Stargirl stretch toy. That was a gift from Meg-chan's sister. She had got me hooked on Stargirl. It was like this videogame, but it had its own anime and mangas and stuff, which I had every one of. I managed to collect them from the internet and other sources. Mom and Dad were always on business trips, so they didn't notice the vast amount of parcels addressed in my name, and my big brother didn't touch my parcels, so I was in luck. Or so I thought.

Bursting into my room came none other than Ryosake.

"I have your...parcel." He panted.

"Ryosake, get outta my room!" I demanded.

"Not until you tell me what's going on!" He snapped back. Typical. He was nosing in my stuff AGAIN. But then again, I had to crack sometime.

"Fine, as long as you don't tell mom and dad. Meg-chan's older sister watches this and I thought I liked it, so I got all the stuff. I am the head fangirl, I have the most Stargirl stuff in the world...and I think this parcel is my Lucky Charm Stargirl figurine that I have been trawling the internet for 8 weeks for. It's a brand new rare, worth loads. It took me forever to get it because the shipping was from Greece and we had to do money exchange. You see, I know the girl who was selling the figure. She's on the Stargirl Fan Board and she got the figurine because it's a Greek exclusive. I have the Japanese exclusive Witch Stargirl and Rainbow Stargirl too!" I babbled. He would probably not tell Mom and Dad. I glanced towards him, a mix of shock and fear consuming me. He was snooping through the mangas! He picked up one, read it, dumped it on my bed then walked out without even a thank you. I really wanted to slap him. Hard.

Guys, I think most of this story might be from Kiya's point of view now! I really enjoyed writing from her perspective. She's loosely based off Kaoru from My Little Sister can't be this cute (one of my favourite manga characters) and writing from her view just refreshed me today. Next chapter is at breakfast the next day.