Trapped. Isolated. Temptation. The three words no girl wants to feel. Especially at the age of 15. The first is always the hardest. That's what they say anyway. But once you start, it's hard to stop. Just thinking that it could be over in one cut… its scary, but somehow fascinates me.

Seeing that drop of blood for the first time felt like all my pains and worries were being released, but it hurt, it really hurt. My tears started to fall and I felt faint. I got up but simply collapsed on the floor. I cut too deep.

I could hear faint voices. It was my mum. I could only open my eyes very slightly. I wanted to see her. She knelt down and cradled me in her arms and was crying. This wasn't fake… she really did care about me.

The ambulance came and I was rushed to hospital. Doctors were rushing round trying to help me. I woke up and looked down at my wrist just to see a bandage. I looked around the room and saw a drip hanging above me. This was serious.