In a nameless country area unknown to mortal humans within the boundaries of Great Britain stood an impressive school for the supernatural community of the world. This school was hidden from unsuspecting mortal eyes by the best magics of the professors and was kept in immaculate condition by the skilled dryads who oversaw the grounds of the schools.

The students of the school were of varying age groups from young children to adolescent creatures. However, everyone agreed that Supernatural Academy was the best place to gain the skills and experience needed to be proper supernatural beings and keep hidden from mortal suspicions.

On this fine day, the students of S.A. were exploring the woodlands around the school and using their innate skills to search out classmates when a car suddenly arrives on the lonesome road to the nearest mortal town. Immediately the students rushed to hide their existence from the sight of the mortal driver and passenger, but still the car stopped on the side of the road.

Surprisingly, the back for of the cab opened up and allowed a teenage mortal girl to exit the vehicle. She pulled her bags from the trunk, trying to keep her curly black hair out of her face. All of the students hiding in the woodlands behind her watched in increasing curiosity for what this strange being will do.

It was obvious to a trained observer that the mortal girl knew of the creatures behind her, but yet, she did not allow her knowledge to show. Instead, she stepped forward to pay the driver for getting her to the school he did not know was there. The driver took the money, glancing around at the surroundings suspiciously.

"Are you sure you want to be out here all alone missy?"

The girl reveals a mysterious smile to the driver, but does not answer the man's question. "Thank you for the ride sir, have a nice day."

With that, the strange mortal turned her back on the driver and began dragging her luggage along the road toward the trees. After a small pause, the driver put his cab in gear and began his long drive back into town.

Once the sound of his tires on the dirt road disappeared, the girl set down her luggage and began wandering through the trees. All of the students hidden around her used their special skills to make it impossible for her to sense them. However, this did not seem to stop her from wandering around.

Many minutes passed as she walked this way and that, finally she returned to her luggage and faced the students as a whole. She appeared as a gypsy with her luggage at her feet, the sun at her back, and standing at the side of the road.

Of course, her olive complexion testified to her ancestral history as gypsies and even the young creatures realized the girl was of Spanish descent. Finally the girl's mouth opened and when she spoke, her words were clear for all to hear.

"You know, the cab is gone, you can come out now. It's not like I bite."

The students were shocked, but it was hard to tell what shocked them most—the fact that she knew they were there, or the New York City accent she spoke with. While the students were still processing the information they have gleaned about the strange mortal girl, she rolled her eyes in agitation and stormed forward to pull a child out of the bushes before her.

"I'm not a scary monster. I'm just a new student of the school." She snorted while some of the adolescent students were dumbstruck. "Though, how I'd be a monster is beyond me."