Two Worlds and Zombies

London, England 3:30pm

Keril Nagato held her arms around her best friend, Aly .F. Jones. Their eyes met, black mixed with brown. They were just spitting out there goodbyes, when the ground started shaking. The shaking was so violent and only last about a minute and a half.

"What was that?" Aly looked around, her pigtails flying about. She seemed kind of curious.

Keril shook her head. "I don't know, maybe we'll find out tomorrow?" She started to head off.

"No wait!" Aly stopped Keril from going anywhere. "Let's look around London for a bit." Aly and Keril looked at each other. "I think it would be best!" Aly had a heart for adventure and fear. It was only natural for her to act like this.

Keril waved it off. "Ok, whatever you say." They started walking. "Where exactly are we looking though?"

Aly's smile grew wider. "Well, anywhere! Let's start by wondering the outer areas of town.

Keril nodded. "England is a very big place, especially London, so are we going to stick to London?"

"Well duh!" Aly wacked her friend in the forehead, Keril's black hair wrapping around Aly's hand. She took her hand back. "Let's go see if we can find something! My veins are burning; this is the biggest opportunity for me yet!" She literately danced around. Keril went to open her mouth, but Aly was too fast. "I know it wasn't an earthquake, because when the ground was shaking, the sky turned purple!"

Keril rolled her eyes. "You really pay attention to detail don't you?" She and Aly started walking again.

"Well, yeah! I have to if I want to become an Adventurer type Investigator." Moving faster, Aly slid into a slow jog. "We have to hurry; I want to know what the problem is!" Keril started running, as she was lost for words to say to Aly.

Outskirts of London 5:30pm

The girls walked for a little while longer before Keril sat down in the grass. Aly followed her and took her shoes off. "My feet are killing me! Why did we stay in our school uniforms?" Aly whined.

"I don't know it was your idea!" Keril growled.

"You should have stopped me!"

"I tried! I didn't have any say in it! You do this all the time, and then you blame it on me!" Keril picked up a rock, chucking it at Aly.

Aly caught it and whipped it back. "I do not!"

Keril coughed. "Yeah, you do like every time!"

Aly sighed. "I do, don't I? I'm very sorry Keril."

"It's fine." Keril broke out a soft smile. "We will always be friends. I can never stay mad at you." Keril stood up. "Come on let's get back home. We'll take the long way around, to make it look like we are searching some more. Ok?"

Aly smiled brightly. "That sounds great!" The girls got up and started walking. "I kind of want to change then spend the night somewhere, to you know, see how everything is doing."

Keril stopped in her tracks. "What?"

"I said, I want to spend the night out here." Aly forced out again.

"We better be safe, or I'll be dancing on your grave as skeletons when we die!" Keril threatened.

"Ok, ok! We'll bring what we can. Find your dad's crowbar, I'll bring… well I'll probably have an axe with me." Aly laughed.

"Right, let's go to my house first. Ok?" Keril began to walk again. "Let's go there first so we can, get something to eat. I'm sure eyebrows won't mind." Keril and Aly both started to laugh.

"Eyebrows will mind, it's just that we don't care." Aly and Keril laughed more. "That's a bit of an understatement. Eyebrows will explode!"

"Not to mention his cooking sucks!"

Keril's house 7:00pm

"Mommy-yo! Are you here?" Keril called out from the entrance way of her tiny apartment. No one responded. "She must be working late again."

"Where dose your mom work." Aly asked out quietly.

"Eyebrows' tavern, she's a waitress." Keril walked into her house, grabbing a marker from the basket beside her fridge.

"That explains a lot." Aly began to giggle. "So, what are you doing?"

"I'm writing a message, for my mom. So she doesn't bite a cows head off in the process of wanting to look for me." Keril rolled her eyes. "Don't ask, because my mom will do it."

Aly slinked away. "Ok." She looked around, finding an un-cooked burrito. "Can I have this?"

Keril nodded, writing in detail what here and Aly are going to do. She walked over to Aly, and shared the burrito with her. They packed up their stuff and left for the outskirts of London again.

"You sure we have everything?" Aly looked at Keril.


Outskirts of London 10:00pm

The girl's camps were set up and they looked at each other blankly. "Well, now what?" Aly grumbled.

"I call time for bed!" Keril laughed, shoving Aly aside gently.

"Let's, bed time it is."

Next morning 7:30am

Aly woke up to hear disgruntled groaning the next morning. She nudged Keril beside her. "Wake up… someone or something is outside."

Keril rolled over and sighed. "Ok, ok." She sighed and got up. She reached for the crowbar and readied herself. Aly did the same. "Let's go." They jumped out of the tent, armed and ready to kill anyone and anything in their way. They looked up to see people, rotten smelling people.

"Yuck!" Aly sighed out. "This is disgusting! What's going on?" Aly covered her nose in disgust.

"I don't know, but they kind of look like zombies. You know, like in Black Ops and World at War." Keril smiled softly. "Let's see first though." Keril slowly crept up to one of them, identifying it carefully. The thing looked at Keril and let out a startled screech. Keril jumped back as it tried to swing at her. "Yep, t-that's a zombie all right!" Keril huffed out.

Aly let off a small giggle. "Want to run?"

"I think yes!" Keril screamed. They turned around swiftly and ran.

Kids Club in Town 8:45am

The kids club is an old building. It used to be a pool hall before they turned it into a club for kids.

"What's going on? Why is it only us?" Aly asked, her voice a squeamish whisper.

"I don't know, but I think it has to do with what happened yesterday." Keril peeked out the window. "You know, when the ground shook and the sky turned purple."

"You really think so?" Aly looked around the club, thinking intently.

"Yes. I do believe, I mean it is a possibility." Keril sighed softly. "I think it's for us to build some ground."

Aly agreed. Their Mary Kate's squeaked as they slid outside. "You take left, I'll take right." Keril slinked herself to the right. Doing the best she could to hold her hoard of zombies back.

Aly grew teary. "I'm not a zombie killer. I'm just an ordinary girl! I just want this to end!" She closed her eyes for a second, thinking she was safe. Another disgruntled groan came out loud and clear. Aly peeled her eyes opened. She shrieked in pain and clutched her arm. She began to let the tears she was holding in flow out. "Keril!" Aly screamed loudly.

"Aly!" Keril screamed back. She ran towards the scream she had just heard. She ran furiously, hoping her friend was ok.

"Keril help!" Aly screamed a blood curdling scream.

"I'm coming." Keril tried to calm herself down. She saw Aly, sprawled out on the ground, blood all around her, zombies all over. Keril gaged. He best friend had just been succumbed into letting the zombie take advantage of her. "She… she didn't make it." Keril let out a small scream of rage. "Now I have to get out before they notice and try to eat me too!" She turned, running towards an open path with no zombies in. She was lucky to have found one.

Abandoned Warehouse 10:00am

She ran for longer than she could have, stopping at an abandoned warehouse. She huffed out and collapsed on the floor. She started to sob about her lost friend. She knew that Aly wasn't a good fighter but somehow that wouldn't register in her brain at the time. She felt like a terrible friend for letting that happen. "Aly, Aly I'm sorry." She wailed.

After her sobs had stopped, the place grew quiet. She turned to look around. No zombies seemed to be in sight. "Well then." She stood up.

"Well howdy there girlie!" Keril straightened and turned around. What she saw startled her. "I reckon you are all here by yourself." He looked at her with knowing eyes.

"Yeah, I just lost a friend." Keril looked down and sighed softly.

"I'm sorry to hear." He bent down. He was a skinny guy, not the stereotypical fat farmer you would normally see around. His beard was white and bristly.

"It's fine, these stupid zombies got in my way." She kicked up some hay in a frustrated way.

Unaware of what the Keril was asking for the farmer spoke up. "Well there is a safe house around here. We just have to do a bit of sneaking around."

Keril's eyes lit up. "You mean, we can be safe fight these horrible monsters with the help of others?" The chapped corners of Keril's lips turned upward in a small nonexistent smile.

"Well, yes. I hear the bell's now! Let's get on going." He motioned for her to follow him.

As they traveled along, they haven't run into any zombies. Feeling the urge to speak up, she let out a small whisper. "Why haven't we seen any zombies? Did you all clear them out?"

"You bet we did!" The farmer practically glowed in glory.

"Ah, I see." Beyond a small bar, Keril could see a small out, isolated and decorated in crates, barbed wire and protective plastic. "Is that the safe area?"

Her leader nodded with excitement. "Oh yes! You bet it is!" They ran for the final stretch.

Safe Zone – 2:00pm

As they entered Keril's mouth fell open in shock. "Wow! What a safe zone! This is amazing." The area looked like a small, but big city with everything in it. There was a lot of places to be, lots of places to go, it looked like it had a million places to go.

"So, what do you think?" The farmer looked more than willing to help her.

"I think. I may stay." Those were her final words, before she started to cry. She prayed to Aly, told her she found what they were looking for and that she could easily make a life here and save the world. "I'm just sad you aren't here to help me, but I'm ok with that. I hope to come join you soon." She wiped her tears. "Thank you for letting me be here."

"Well you are welcome to stay." The farmer had seemed to disappear. Keril was left to stay, and explore.

Keril's Bedroom – 1:35am

Keril woke up, in a pool of her own sweat. She covered her mouth and huffed. "W-What was that? Was that my dream?" She looked around her room; everything was still in place where she left them beforehand. She had sighed a deep sigh of relief.

Aly rolled over on the ground. "Keril, Is everything all right?" Her friend had asked.

"Yeah, just go back to sleep." Keril wrapped the blankets around herself. Hopefully she wouldn't have that dream again. It scared her out too much. Once her head hit the pillow she was out like a light, only to wake up again when the morning sunshine shone in her eyes.