The Black Box.

In the beginning, before the Lords of comparison, before Past and her brother Future had been born, a single ruler reigned in the lands of Now. Commitment was that ruler and ruled with a mighty unwavering word. Everything that lived and everything that did not was perfect in the word and because this was so, no thing saw imperfection in any other thing. For how could it be so when there was no one to say otherwise? Love abounded in the very essence of all the things of the land without judgment or assumption, everything finding in itself a purpose that gave it meaning. Nothing lived or died without the express permission of itself and even then, it was quite impossible to commit such and intention in a land without movement beyond the moment, the lands names sake.

Intention sparked into existence an incredibly complex machine, a vehicle to allow a precise measure of movement from then to now and from now to later, an alien concept to be sure. It was a benign machine, which no creature understood until the birth of Past and Future. In their understandings of the machine, Past and Future theorized movement from the lands of Now and devised an experiment they called T.I.M.E.. It was thought by the twins that one could leave the lands of Now and return at will and this could be done using their temporarily induced mind experiment. Past and Future left the lands of Now many times, each trip taking them further and further away. With each return Past and Future brought back tales of their journeys, comparisons of the lands of Now as seen from their perspectives in what they coined the term 'Time Line'. It was incredible they would say subjectively speaking. You can go backwards and see intentions that had already taken place and you could see them over and again. They coined these intentions 'events'. You could go forward and predict the events that hadn't happened yet, however, the further forward you went the more uncertain the prediction. Still, you could use the past as a guide to increase the certainty of forward events. It was all quite fascinating and the twins not realizing had begun to live less and less in the land of Now.

As Past and her brother Future went and came and the telling of their tales grew in popularity more and more of the beings of Now wanted to try the T.I.M.E. machine. Again, as everything was perfect in the eyes of the ruler of the lands of Now and in so no creature saw imperfection in another it was perfectly acceptable. As more and more beings participated in the temporary induced mind experiment more and more comparisons were drawn until an intention sparked into existence the Lords of comparison. These beings spent so little time in the lands of Now that eventually, gradually, a vale was created between themselves and the land. They did not notice the vale, so fully engrossed in their own experiences of the experiment. They eventually forgot about the lands of Now. The Lords of comparison gathered together on a beautiful blue planet among many nestled in a sea of endless possibilities with their original intention and essence still in the lands of Now. The Lords changed and took on form. They created a new intention purposed to hide the original. The vale keeps the truth from being known even if it's discovered. Written in the annals of fools and scholars the experiment keeps going until each Lord knows of it and no longer has a use of it.