I wish I never stumbled into the world of the supernatural. To a world where vampires, werewolves, and even witches exist. I never wanted to get in the midst of their fights. Man, I never even wanted to be an animal person in the first place. Here, they say is where the true "Therians" live. Whatever that is supposed to mean. True Therians, however, were never supposed to be able to transform into their Therian Types in the first place. Apparently not here, where the only place Therians and Vampires can become their true forms exist. Aparently, all sorts of magickal Lay Lines exist here. They are supposed to give us the magick neccersarly to allow us to shift. Personally, I never even wanted to shift in the first place. Life sucks, kids tease you, and even your own parents think you are insane, when you are a Therianthrope. Life sucks! Welcome to MY world.